Turing Announces New Phone: Turing Monolith Chaconne

Turing Announces New Phone: Turing Monolith Chaconne

Turing monolith-chaconne is definitely a phone with incredible specs and it seems too perfect that it smells fishy. However, in some few hours the iPhone 7 will be revealed. Basing on the recent rumors concerning the phone’s specs, individuals have begun criticizing Apple as it lacks innovation. On the other side, a certain company known as Turing Robot Industries made an announcement concerning a phone that is totally off the charts in respect to the current metrics, however there is a lot of suspicion going around on whether it will have a chance to come to light.

The Turing Robotic Industry (TRI) has come back with a thud and a lot of craziness. The firm through their newsletters made an announcement concerning TMC (Turing Monolith Chaconne), a device with specs that seem stranger than its name. Seems this crazy device is too good to be true.

As it has already been spotted by the android police and later announced through the Turing newsletters, which have been signed by Steve Chao, the firm’s CEO. The CEO begins the newsletters with quotes of inspiration from Steve Jobs. He explains how the dual snapdragon that is present in the Cadenza operates. At this point, only an engineer can tell if the logic is practical and sane.


If at all the 2 Snapdragon 830 is not sufficient for you, then the monolith will have 3. This 6.4 inch turning monolith chaconne phablet has a slide-out keyboard and is expected to have 3 octa-core snapdragon processors which will work simultaneously (24 cores in total), 18 GB RAM, 4K screen display and 1.2 TB SSD storage space. It will also incorporate a 6 GB RAM to cadenza’s 12GB, thus adding up to 18 GB. Apparently its 4K display is said to be the least remarkable spec of this device.


For more ridiculous specs, how about the 60-megapixel quad rare camera, that comes with a 20 megapixel dual selfie camera. It also has a graphine super capacitor battery of 3600mAh, which also comes with a Li-lon hydrogen fuel cell of 2400mAh that gets a boost of 20- 120Wh.

The bizarre part of the specs has been reflected on the 3 snapdragons functioning, which only a single TRI has reliable explanation on how it will function. As already quoted, TRI has made plans to connect multiple CPUs through on-board USB 3.0. This sophisticated computing process keeps a temporary matrix in the CPU’s SSD simultaneously. Therefore, resulting to the CPUs sharing the computing power as one, this is according to the newsletter. Such exclusive technology will enable TRI achieve remarkable computing power on a cell-phone device. The question is what specifically is this kind of technology intended for? It is simply meant for computational intelligence (CI).

If this sounds like a young teenager randomly assembling impossible specs on to a spreadsheet, it is agreeable. You can theoretically place all of that into one big case. The question is will it work? And how will they prevent the gadget from overheating?

The firm also mentioned that their hypothetical phones’ R&D will be done in Finland, Salo (a place manufacturers i.e. Microsoft and Nokia used in order to develop their phones.)

Operating System

Operating system
Well, apparently the OS can be described as the cherry on top, which will run the deep-learning Swordfish operating system, with terms like running convolutional neural network. In short, this thing has the potential of being smarter than humans.

The redeeming quality of this spec sheet will be the launch date set for 2018, which makes it a bit realistic. However, you wouldn’t bet on this kind of phone reaching the store shelves. As at now, care to call it a concept.

As far as turning is concerned, it has managed to produce a single phone, which is known as the Turing phone. This phone started its shipment in July, which was after delays. There is no doubt that the device is interesting, however it is not anywhere near the Chaconne. The firm also made an announcement on another insane-speced phone a week ago, the Turing Cadenza, which will be released on 2017 and has a dual snapdragon 830 chip.

The official Facebook and twitter accounts of Turing haven’t mentioned the two new phones, which raise eyebrows. However, Turing was contacted and Calving NG, its Senior Vice-president of engineering verified to Mashable that the announcements will be coming from the CEO officially. Well if the whole thing is a prank then it is coming from the firm itself.

Turing Monolith Chaconne First Smartphone to run 18GB RAM, 3 Snapdragon 830s Announced


As at now there is no option but to remain skeptical. However, the Turing team (those involved in assembling the newsletters) props for having propelled the imagination of many to the outer space. Currently, there is only a slight improvement noticed in different type of phone models. At times, dreaming big may have a positive impact, you never know.

If interested, there is no shortcut around it, you will have to wait for quite some time as TRI is expecting to make a release of the monolith come 2018. This highly depends on the possibility of the phone being unveiled.

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