Top 10 Tech Toys for Kids Interested in Coding

Top 10 Tech Toys for Kids Interested in Coding

Computer programming or coding is the language used to communicate with computers. Computers are going to become an important part of the future world, and kids need to have the skills and knowledge of how to talk with computers. For the most basic concepts, children can learn to code through some fun activities without using computers. Once they’ve mastered the fundamental concepts, kids that show interests in coding need to get started with actual coding. Today, there are some interactive toys for kids meant to help them further their computer coding journey. Some of these toys include:

1. Osmo Coding and Osmo Starter Kit

This toy for kids interested in coding is used together with an iPad. The Osmo Coding and Osmo Starter Kit game helps kids learn coding basics in an interactive and fun way. It is ideal for five-year-old children and above. Children are in a position to guide Awbie using various physical coding blocks on an iPad. With time, children are able to absorb the constituent elements of coding along the way subconsciously.

2. Dot and Dash Robots

Kids aged eight and above can use Dot and Dash Robots to quickly learn the basics of coding as well as basic engineering. Using various Wonder Workshop’s apps, these beautiful little programs can be programmed to throw balls, play music, and move around. More importantly, they allow for creating a personalized set of behaviors.

3. SPRK Sphero Plus

Sprk Sphero Plus
This funky little ball can be programmed to swim across water and navigate a maze using the Lab Lightning app. Additionally, you can get the small ball do almost everything you can dream of and create a broad range of codes. It also allows for connecting with users all over the world. This creates an opportunity to share and learn from what other users are doing.

4. Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles is the perfect toy for your coding interested kid if you want an educational coding toy that does not need charging up or involve batteries. Moreover, this toy for kids interested in coding is relatively inexpensive. It is a board game that will introduce your child to the coding basics. Robot Turtles is meant for kids aged three to eight years. One thing to note about Robot Turtles is that it isn’t about winning. Instead, the turtle needs to be paired with a matching jewel. Code cards are used to direct the turtle to match jewels, and there are several levels to pass through just like most screen-based games.

5. Learn Code-a-Pillar and Fisher Price Think

Code-a-Pillar can help toddlers start learning coding basics. It is meant for kids aged three to six years. You can re-arrange and arrange this hi-tech caterpillar’s segments to help your kid get started with coding. Your kid will immediately figure out that different combinations give rise to different outcomes. Moreover, there are various targets aimed at challenging the little children even further.

6. LEGO Mindstorm

Lego Mindstorm
This tech toy allows children to build LEGO robots and program them to manage the movements of the robot. Small kids as young as three years can begin from the easy ones such as moving backward three steps and moving forward three steps. From there, they can move on to more complex program coding. Look for a user manual on the package, and the Mindstorm Discovery Book also has additional help. Most importantly, the Mindstorm Laboratory provides additional coding, and playful building ideas in case children need more challenges past the user manual.

7. Bitsbox

This tech toy helps children aged four and above to code with app programming and 30+ game projects. Children have a chance to create apps and watch them rub. Bitsbox works perfectly especially on major tablets such as Amazon Fire, Android, and iPad.

8. Mbot Makeblock Educational Robot Kit

This robot kit is easy to run and provides kids with hands-on experience about electronics, graphical programming, and robotics. Children can construct line follower robots or avoidance robots using musical tones. They can also instruct the robots on what to do using the free app.

9. Code Monkey Island

This is a board game aims to teach computer logic to players of different ages. Each tribe of monkeys’ wise leader is tasked with leading their three monkeys around the board safely and inside the banana grove. The wise leader has to use concepts such as looping, conditional statements, assignment operators, and Booleans to earn moves for their monkeys, score delicious fruits, and dodge quicksand traps.

10. Programmable Rover

Programmable Rover
It is perfect for kids who are interested in coding. Children can easily program the commands for movement for the small robot rover and watch it follow the code instructions. One thing about the Programmable Rover is that it has a manual that helps kids learn various ways to program the robot.

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If your kid starts learning to code early, picking up won’t be a problem. With these challenging and equally fun toys, your kids will not even realize that they are learning. These toys will prepare children for their coding classes.