Sunrise Smart Pillow That Helps You Wake Up Refreshed and Well Rested

Sunrise Smart Pillow That Helps You Wake Up Refreshed and Well Rested

Sleep is a fundamental function of the body. Without adequate or enough sleep, our bodies tend to react in a negative way that results to canceling your morning routines or postponing them. However, if your sleep cycle is improved and you sleep and wake well in the morning, then your day becomes smoother and even though challenging, it is also satisfying at the end of it. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you have the better morning that is not dull of sleepiness or sleep grogginess with the Sunrise Pillow. The pillow is one of the smartest technologies that have been designed to improve your responses especially in the morning and promoting better sleep in the night.

Sunrise Pillow: What It Is?

It is a smart technology pillow that is designed to improve the way you wake up each day by improving your night sleep and ensuring natural wake-up means. It contains the deep sleep technologies that ensure your nights are not disturbed and a sunrise wake-up call or alarm allowing you to easily acquiescence your body with the morning light and wakes up smoothly with no difficulties.

Sunrise Pillow: Working Process

sunrise pillow working process

The smart pillow is able to simulate and imitate sunrise, which increases the amount of light coming into contact with your eyes. This is the natural processes followed but enhanced in order to increase your body awareness further and aids in the reduction of melatonin production by the brain. In addition, it induces the production of energy required in order to rise for the day. It is fully designed to mimic the natural wake-up process, which ensures you are not fatigued or groggy from your morning alarm.

Sunrise Pillow: Features

The smart pillow has several features that make it perfect for use for your morning and night as well. These features include:

  • Wireless audio
    The smart pillow allows you to wake up fully using the natural process. However, as time progresses, your favorite music or nature calls are played and with time the volume increases ensuring that you wake up fully. This provides one of the most interesting wakes up experiences.
  • Smart alarm
    Naturally, you do not need an alarm clock to wake you up. Once you start a certain wake-up routine, your body adjusts to it such that you can wake up at the desired time. The sunrise smart pillow is able to adapt your sleeping processes and prepare you for your wake-up experience accordingly similar to an alarm clock but more naturally and much more smart.
  • Sleep Score
    Through the Sunrise Pillow application, you are able to monitor and check your sleep score each day. In addition, it keeps track of your daily activities and how they impact on your sleep. This ensures that you have the ability to improve or leave some of the activities that negatively impact your sleeping cycle.

Sunrise Pillow: Technologies Used

Sunrise Pillow Technologies Used
The Sunrise Pillow uses several different technologies to ensure that sleep is maintained and that sunrise is much friendlier to you as an individual. These include:

Deep Sleep tech
It has now been made easier to assist you in falling into deep sleep. The technology used is similar to the sunrise technology and the smart alarm only that you wake up more refreshed and you fall deep asleep in a short while. The deep sleep technology offers the following deep sleep options for you to choose from:

  • Binaural beats which lessen the amount of time taken to sleep
  • Fan sounds that are continuous and consistent
  • Sound conditioning that allows you to block out the unwanted sounds
  • Nature sounds that are soothing and relaxing
  • Audiobooks that automatically switch off once you are asleep
  • Guided meditation to allow you to sleep or wake up in the morning

Blue Light tech
It has been said and fully studied and verified that blue light is able to improve different elements in your day. Therefore, the smart pillow offers you 15 minutes to 30 minutes of exposure to blue light in the morning. This is said to increase your alertness levels, productivity, and better night sleep. In addition, it also improves your mental focus ensuring that you concentrate on the desired work and objectives for the day.

Sunrise Pillow: Benefits


Waking up is a process that many don’t take pride in. This is because of being groggy, sleep induced and in a foul mood. Waking up sleep deprived causes bad decisions and definitely, your day goes sideways. Sunrise Pillow is able to improve your general wake mood, provide increased energy levels for your morning activities and ensures you general routine or life momentum is not disturbed. With it, you are assured of better mental focus, improved or enhanced wake-up routines and increased awareness of your general surrounding each day improving performance.