Charging Your Gadgets With An All Purpose Laer Laptop Sleeve

Charging Your Gadgets With An All Purpose Laer Laptop Sleeve

LAER is designed to make your life simpler. It is a wireless Bluetooth allowed laptop sleeve which eliminates almost all adapters, chargers portable batteries and cables with one small device designed for and working and travel on the run.

Charge your tablet, Smartphone and also laptop at the same time where ever you are.

The best features consist of adapters for many countries, tracking with the TrackR and controlled though the app. DC charging intended for the switchable battery capability, QI Wi-Fi charging, USB FAST Charge 3.0, USB-C Power Supply, PC, Mac (MagSafe) and Surface.

Charge the laptop (PC and Mac), and tablet, Smartphone wherever you might be simultaneous.


use laer

  • At The Time Of Traveling:

    Rather than needing to power banks, adapters and also pack chargers you simply bring the LAER. You do not require an adapter intended for several countries because LAER arrives with them all.

  • Whenever Charging Your Gadgets During The Night:

    You will be able to charge every one of them through LAER from a socket. You do not be concerned regarding plugging in several devices and also power banks individually.

  • While Working Distantly:

    Use the LAER to charge almost all of your devices. Coffee shop, train, plane, and so on.

  • In Between Conferences:

    Charge your gadgets in your bag while you are on the go.

  • In The Morning:

    Whenever you are venturing out, then you simply get LAER with your laptop inside already and get charged with the in-built battery pack.

The Sleeve:

the sleeve

Not to mention, LAER does not seem like some other sleeve for a laptop, it is made to be different. We created the composite material especially for the LAER permitting the sleeve for being lightweight and long lasting.

The exterior materials are nylon fabric selected because of its aesthetic and durability; the padding tends to be thick foam to safeguard the laptop from impacts, and also the inner fabrics are soft materials to safeguard from scratches simultaneously.

The Closure:

Not to say, we created the closure system which allows you to maintain the LAER as small as possible when this is not being used.

Our 2 magnet system buttons between resting and charging modes effortlessly offering extra space for your laptop connectors as required.

Also, magnetic closure system permits you fast, quick access to the laptop anytime you require this.

Battery Cartridge:

We designed cartridge system for the battery which enables you to simply switch between higher and lower capability batteries, therefore, selecting the quantity of weight and power you take along with you throughout the day.

Sling Bag:

sling bag

You can go traveling light with the extremely small sling bag created specifically to carry the LAER case which consists of:

  • The “Back Pocket” meant for the connectors
  • The “Luggage Strap” intended for the carry on
  • The “Wireless Charging” designed for your Smartphone in the top pocket

Frequently Asked Questions:

fit my laptop

Question: Will This Fit My Laptop?

Answer: Most of the laptop sizes are 15-in x10.2-in x1.18-in or 38x26x3cm. It handles the majority of 15-in laptops and smaller size. In case you have any doubt then make sure you ask the support team [email protected]

This is vital that you remember that to charge the laptop in sleeve your laptop’s charging port should be on the side, definitely not on the back. In case the charging port of your laptop is on back then you can charge this outside of the sleeve still.

Question: What Are Connectors Of The Laptop?

Answer: The connectors of laptop permit you easily to connect the LAER to the laptop and get this charged without any hassle.

Question: What Connectors Must I Select?

what connectors must i select

Answer: You will be capable to pick from PC connectors, MacBook Pro (MagSafe), MacBook Air (MagSafe), and USB C. It simply signifies to us which sort of laptop you have.

Also, we are planning to go through the “backer survey” well before we deliver to make sure that you are getting the correct connector for the laptop therefore if you select the incorrect one, don’t worry now!

Question: What’s About The Warranty?

Answer: ARROE provides standard 12 months global warranty. Rest assured that you will get your LAER totally free of the manufacturing problems.

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Laptop-charging sleeve is going to give you the bliss of romance significantly. I hope you definitely take pleasure on the laptop charging sleeve. Check it out now.