Is Your Food Gluten Free? Now Double Check It With Nima Sensor

Is Your Food Gluten Free? Now Double Check It With Nima Sensor

Gluten is a food element that causes many reactions if ingested. Some people find it sweet while in others it elicits allergic reactions or stomach upsets. Therefore, it is fundamental to indicate whether the food served is gluten free or not. However, how sure can you be that the dishes served to you are gluten free? In many cases, there is no sure way to know or check whether the food contains gluten or not. This is why technology has taken the extra step and invented a device to assist you in identifying gluten free or how much gluten is in a meal before even taking it. You can now be a hundred percent sure of your gluten free food with the Nima Sensor device or kit.

Nima Sensor

It is one of the most advanced technological devices that is now being used to check on the amount of gluten content in your food. Basically, it was designed to check for gluten free food before engaging in a meal. This ensures safety from extreme reactions especially in people or individuals who do not take gluten as part of their meals or food.

Nima Sensor: Features

Nima-Sensor Features
The Nima Sensor comes with advanced features that enable it to fulfill its set objectives; testing food for gluten and identify gluten-free foods for you as an individual. The device has the following features.

  • Disposable capsules
  • There are a number of the disposable capsules in the Nima Sensor device. These capsules are used each at a time by placing a small amount of food for testing and disposed of after use.

  • Sensors
    The device has a sensory technology that enables it to detect gluten in a sample meals placed in the capsule.
  • Screen or display
    The device displays the results found in form of pictures or icons on its OLED screen or display. A wheat icon means that there is gluten in high amounts in the food served while the indicator is at 20ppm or part per million, then the food is safe to eat or gluten free.
  • Battery
    The device has a long lasting battery that can allow it to conduct more than 20 or more tests in a single battery charge.
  • Compatibility or connection
    The device uses a Bluetooth connection ensuring that it can sync with any iPhone or android enabled phones.
  • Companion App
    The device has a companion app that contains data of different food samples or the tests you have carried out in different places. In addition, it offers you a chance to post your findings and feedbacks online for others to see. Furthermore, if seeking gluten free foods or places to eat, it provides you with several restaurants or hotel options that have been tested and marked gluten free.

Nima Sensor: Benefits

The Nima Sensor has the following benefits associated with using it to test for gluten in your food content.

  • Highly portable
    The device is small in size and can fit into your pocket or your purse. You can carry it comfortably without rechecking similar to your wallet and bring it to the places that you eat including parties, business meetings or conference meals, hotels, and restaurants etc.
  • Simple to use
    The device does not require a complicated process to learn how to use it efficiently and effectively. In addition, it makes it easy to use compared to the complex nutritional processes required to identify food content and quantity. Furthermore, it does require to be cleaned, refilled or reset after every single gluten test done.
  • Fast to use
    The device offers you the results of the food sample tested in under or around three minutes of your time making sure your meal is still hot for the taking if it complies.
  • Companion App
    You acquire the chance to check out other restaurants or hotels that reached the Nima Sensor device testing and passed efficiently using the Nima Sensor app.
  • Choice
    The Nima Sensor gives you the opportunity to test solid food material such as baked foods, fried or sautéed. It also offers you the chances to test your sauces, soups and other liquid-like foods. With it, you are assured that all your food is gluten free.

Nima Sensor: Restrictions

The Nima Sensor is highly effective when used in the right manner. However, there are several restrictions that come with its use. These include:

  • The device cannot be used to test pure vinegar, soy sauce, alcohol or beer content.
  • Storage should be at room temperature and below 950F
  • Once food sample is placed into the sample, it is no longer fit for consumption, therefore, ensure you discard it.
  • The device is not waterproof and so are the disposable device capsules.

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The Nima Sensor device is one of the best and ones that offers a definite solution to some of the challenges people face on a daily basis. It is easy, fast and simple to use. Furthermore, it offers the desired answer in a short while and prevents the occurrence of any adverse or extreme effects associated with eating the wrong content of gluten in your food. It is a device that is worth having especially if allergic to gluten.

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