Sony Xperia Touch Projector that Turns Any Surface Into A Touchscreen

Sony Xperia Touch Projector that Turns Any Surface Into A Touchscreen

Sony Xperia Touch is a small portable projector device that plays sound and outputs interactive image on any flat surface. It responds instantly to any movements. It acts as a projector, a smart speaker and a visual android tablet, all in one.

The projector allows you to carry out numerous activities like watching movies, playing video games, making video calls, etc. You might be wondering how just a mere device will accomplish this.

Well, this article will give you an insight of what to expect from the device. It is an amazing device that you wouldn’t want to miss in your home.

The Manufacturer Details And Claims About The Sony’s Xperia Touch

The manufacturer of this device is Sony Corporation, which is well known for producing mind-blowing products. They claim that this Touch can turn any flat surface including the table floor, wall, etc. into a 23-80 inch wide touchscreen.

The Design Of Sony’s Xperia Touch

The design of sony's xperia touch

This device is small with a size of 5.3 by 5.6 inches and light in weight. This makes it portable and allows for its flexibility when it comes to moving it around your house.

Kids, when wanting to play games, can also be in a position to carry it as well as you can place it on your coffee table.

It has a default projection of 23 inches, however, it can project up to 80 inches making it perfect for a home movie night. The resolution at large size can be noticeably less sharp.

It has a battery that will only last you for 1.5 hours. It allows you to move it to different locations without having to power it off. However, you have to plug it in when watching a lengthy movie.

The device is designed in a way that it is compatible with Android 7.0 operating system. This allows it to run numerous compatible apps in the Google Play Store.

It allows you to project your phone or laptop through a USB-C and HDMI Type-D port. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Unique Features Of Sony’s Xperia Touch That Make It Outstanding

  • Infrared Touch – It has an inbuilt 60fps camera and uses infrared light to turn a flat surface into a 23-inch touch screen.
  • Presence Sensing – This device has the ability to detect your presence as you come near it. It switches itself on from the sleep mode.
    With this, you can set it as a wall clock that appears when in the room or at the front door as a message board to keep everyone informed.
  • Two-Way Stereo Speaker – They are placed strategically to produce a quality sound that is pretty impressive to listen to.

How Does Sony’s Xperia Touch Work?

How does sony's xperia touch work
This device is easy to use. It allows you to interact with the image being projected on a flat surface. It picks ups your gestures and responds to the commands you give it through your hands.

To project a screen on the wall, you only need to position this device vertically. It will only take a couple of seconds to recalibrate itself after moving it.

This Touch can detect any movement, display visuals, and read interaction using an infrared light and camera capture. Amazingly, the device can even sense your presence and wake up from sleep mode when you are nearby.

With this device, your kids will be in a position to draw all over the house without worrying about any destruction of your valuable materials such as documents.

It does not give a sensory feedback at all; no vibrations or lights up to tell you whether you have really pressed anything.

Use Of Sony’s Xperia Touch

Here are some of the ways in which you can use this device that you might not want to miss.

It allows you to play games, follow recipes, leave notes, make video calls, watch movies, unleash your inner Dj through flashy Djing, play piano, or even ask Google for food recommendations.

It can also be used commercially for instance in small spaces to replace the screen-based directories with a touch projection on the walls. The list of the things you can do with it is endless.

Advantages Of Using Sony’s Xperia Touch

Advantages of using sony's xperia touch

  • This projector is portable
  • It responds instantly to any movements
  • It easy to use
  • It is multifunctional
  • Produces quality sound output

Disadvantages Of Using Sony’s Xperia Touch

  • It requires a purely flat surface, as it cannot respond to your gestures on a rough surface even if it is slightly textured.

Availability And Pricing Of Sony’s Xperia Touch

This device is available at the cost of $1,694 on the manufacturer’s website. It comes in different colors that allow you to choose your desired color.


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Sony’s Xperia Touch is a compact and elegant device that promises to give you more other than just to put on a show. It claims to turn any flat surface into an interactive screen. It has various features such as the short-throw projection, state-of-the art touch functionality, etc.

If you want to add a whole new dimension to your home, you might want to consider this projector. It is multi-functional, portable, and incredible device to be with.

However, pretty things come at a price. You have to be prepared to use quite a good amount of cash to acquire it. Research more about it before purchasing it to ensure that it is effective.