The Best Smartphone Hacks to Crown Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The Best Smartphone Hacks to Crown Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here for you. There will be Smartphone hacks that will help you shop easily and save your money. Black Friday shoppers waiting for an opportunity to buy over the current competition in the market have the choice in their own hands as there are a few limited Smartphone apps that will help them save their money. Tech specialist Marc Saltzman was in CTV News station last Sunday to give details of his fine ways for you to take home some items that you would desire to have this Friday like the latest pair of fashionable shoes, an enormous LEGO set or a vast TV.

Available App

The app below will be available for you to make sure that your shopping will be made easier and you will be able to buy cheaper items from retailers selling the same products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


This is a Canadian made app that targets Brick-and-Mortar members who expect to benefit from Black Friday and will therefore get surplus of use out of this app. The app gather flyers from all the main retailers in a particular area and collects digital coupons and loyalty cards to enable you redeem what you have accumulate in-store. The app therefore eliminates the need to carry around the digital and loyalty cards when on a shopping tour. This Canadian made app also allows you to quote a price that is cheaper at any other retailers selling the same goods only when you have the app on hand when you are at a store which accepts price matching. The app is recommended by Saltzman as must have while shopping from retailers.


There are three websites that ensures that you get what you want this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They include:

Mobile Phones


This is a website that guarantees you free money. The website ( offers you certain percentage of your money back for any online purchase you make at the majority of main retailers, this is possible only when you will be able to purchase the items from the retailers from the EBates website. EBates offer a refund of 1-8 per cent which is not that significant figure. There is 8 per cent specifically for high-priced makeup kit from Sephora retailer, 3 per cent offered for the latest TV off Amazon. The website earns its money from the commission for sending you to the website after sharing that commission with you as part of the percentage it offers. You will get the money from EBates by check sent to you through mail, can be donated to charity, can be made as an Amazon gift card or it can be deposited into your PayPal account. Saltzman describes this website as a platform where you do not only save your money but a website that actually enable you make money.

Red Flag Deals

This is a website described by Saltzman as one of the most outstanding site for shopping around as you will be able to find an item with the cheapest price or it will also allow you to locate a flyer before you purchase an item. Red Flag Deals will enable various websites which are targeting to gather all main Black Friday and Cyber Monday flyers into one common place which makes it possible to you to find out what will be on offer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Deals


This website claims that a greater per cent of it items are actually new (80% of the items). This gives eBay an advantage over other retailers when you are looking for hard-to-find items. Saltzman confirms that this website too has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday segment for you and further described the website as one with various items other than used items.

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You are guaranteed of the following benefits this coming weekend:

  • You are able to find hard-to-find products trough eBay website.
  • There is guarantee of refund of certain per cent of your money you will purchase a product through EBtates website.
  • You can buy a product at the cheapest price when using Flipp APP or the Red Flag Deals websites.
  • Easier and cheaper way of shopping.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here for you; to make an informed choice for what you desire, make use of these websites and app. There are great offers to be given.