6 Smart Earbuds for Music Lovers

6 Smart Earbuds for Music Lovers

Smart technology has become part of our lives and we cannot do without it. Hearing devices are an emerging type of the smart technology. Their high demand has led to increased production and supply in the market. Most of these are Bluetooth headsets with hearing aids that allow people do many things. The following are some of the best hearables and smart earbuds available the market.


This device is one of a kind. It allows you to listen to songs from your playlist. At the same time,you can flip through the songs by just tilting your head. It has a voice movement that you can use to control your smartphone and be in a position to command it using your hands. Elbee can be used to power on home appliances such as televisions. By just tilting your head, you can turn the appliances on and off. This device has sophisticated sensors positioned within it that enables it work effectively. It has a high quality microphone and speakers.

2. The Dash by Bragi

This hearing device generates a very clear sound. It is also a smart health and fitness tracker. It has a companion app that enables you to keep record of your jogging and walking. In addition, it recordsyour heart beat rate and other vital body signals. The Dash works like a Bluetooth headset that enables you receive calls on your smartphone with ease.

3. Talkband B2

Talkband B2
Talkband B2 is a device made by Huawei Company. This device comes in a band with a detachable face which you place on your ears. It is more like a Bluetooth headpiece. This hearable comes with companion apps and fitness tracking features. This device has voice controls, 24/7 monitoring, which can track your sleep patterns and heart health. All you need to do is monitor the companion app in it. This hearable is Bluetooth,Android and IOS compatible and has a long battery life. Talkband B2 has smart music features and it’s for sure a good workout companion.

4. IoT Dots

They are small dots sensors placed inside earbuds or behind the ears. They do not require batteries to operate since they are able to connect their power from the smart phones around them. This device is also able to process sound and make it possible to be heard using a bi-directional process over your body. IoT Dot allows users to listen and answer theirsmartphonesusing different hand movements, voice control and head movement. This device also acts like a microphone, which allows you to record the sound in high quality stereo.

5. Sony Smart B Trainer

This headset gadget was developed to act as a coach while you work out. In it, there is the companion app which allows you to keep track of your vitals during the workouts. It can also tell when you are overtraining and when under training. This device comes with a 16 GB capacity for music storage that keep you company while working out. With this device, you can incorporate the different routines, goals and plans when you begin to train harder or reduce your training pace the Smart B Trainer changes the music. This device is really good and easy to use and recommendable for people who love working out.

6. BitBite

This is certainly a different kind of device from the rest. It is basically a fitness and health device. The device is small in size and is placed inside the ear. The device sensors are able to get the sounds when you chew something or while eating. It then conveys the information to the companion app that is able to tell when you are eating. This hearable has the ability to send real time diet advice that helps you embark on a healthier lifestyle regime. With this device, you are able to listen to a dietary guide from the app. Besides this, you are in a position to know what to eat and what to avoid.

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Smart hearables have diverse potential and big gainsto those who use them. They can be used in different way as form of entertainment, sport and fitness and also for health matters. Personal assistants, coaches, deaf or partially deaf and language translators form the largest market for these devices.

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