Future Prediction By Ray Kurzweil’s: Single AI On Man And Technology

Future Prediction By Ray Kurzweil’s: Single AI On Man And Technology

Ray Kurzweil is known to be a formidable figure when it comes to futuristic thinking. It is estimated that he is about eighty-six percent accurate on his predictions about what is to happen.

He is known to be prophet techno salvation as well as techno doom.

He is an inventor, author, futurist, director of engineering and computer scientist. Among his predictions are: the capability of computers to defeat humans at chess, the growth of internet and fall of Soviet Union which has come to be true.

He is known to be among the best predictors of the AI. He is known to be the recipient of twenty honorary doctorate degrees.

He has been honored by three presidents, and he has patented several inventions as well as producing them. He is known to heading subsidiary by Google’s AI currently. He is the chancellor and co-founder of the Singularity University.

His current prediction is on the singularity. He said that with technologies like the brain to computers interface and nanobots such as Bryan Johnson’s Kernel and Elon Musk’s Neuralink, there is a possibility of the human bodies and brain being mechanized.

This is because these technologies are known to affect human’s bodies.

Process Of Technology And Man Becoming One

Technology And Man Becoming

Virtual Reality Technology

Ray stated that this process would start with the science friction. This is a level leap in the virtual reality technology. He predicts that virtual reality will advance to greater levels that see physical workplaces being part of the past.

He says that within some years to come, commutes would become just but a strapping on your headset.

Inverse Points Out

It is known that people need not to live close to their workplaces. Therefore, there will be unprecedented heights of deurbanization.

There will be no need of people flocking to major cities to go and work as they would work at the comfort of their homes or in any place they would be. This will not tie you to live or be in a specific location for a period of time.

Fortunately, this is a decentralization that decreases the opportunity for any terrorist attack. He said that Blockchain technology will help increasing decentralization as well to achieve this advantage.

Inverse Points Out

Breakdown On His Predictions


  • AI to pass Turing Test.
  • There will be great revolutions in robotics.
  • There will be a less biological limitation due to development of the nanotech for a new era of increased biology.
  • There will increase power of nanobots by computers to help in the scanning of people. Therefore, this assists in the medical field.
  • Emulation of the human intelligence by software programs.
  • Fully understanding on the human brain.
  • Powerful PCs that emulate intelligence of human being.
  • Increase of life expectancy by 1 year due to growth of medical technology.
  • Extinction of humans’ digestive system as the nanobots will enter into your bloodstream, feed your cells and help in eliminating waste.
  • Cheap food price as nanobots will produce, process and manufacture food.



  • Uploading of the human mind into the cloud and live on the internet.
  • Enhanced version of humans.
  • People being able to experience the reality of other via nanobots.
  • Easy communication between people and computers.
  • There will be increased intelligence.
  • The body becomes less tangible.


  • Crude biological intelligence due to the fact that AI would have exceeded human intelligence.
  • There will be full immersion reality as it will become individual’s real reality.



  • This will be the year of singularity as there will be changes in entire course as well as future of humanity.
  • The machines will evolve, and they will be so effective and efficient to function at higher rates that human mind or brain.
  • The technology becomes unpredictable as humans natural state would be behind and machines would have taken over everything.
  • Both machine and man become one because humans become cybernetically enhanced.

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Ray is a great man that is known to be among the best predictors. This is where the technology is known to be smarter than a human being. He predicts that by 2045, this would likely to have happened.

He made this prediction at a recent SXSW forum. 16 years before 2045, he said that the technology will just be smart as human beings. He said that in 2029, AI will be able to pass the legitimate Turing test to attain human heights of intelligence.