RedSpace- An Incredible Car With A Size As Huge As An Office

RedSpace- An Incredible Car With A Size As Huge As An Office

It is an electric car that is actually known to be an office. It has been designed to change the way individuals in the megacities of Chinese commute. It is known as ‘REDS,’ and it is a full electric motor vehicle which has been designed to feature a massive roof.

It is known to have been integrated with solar panels which are responsible in powering the internal functioning of the vehicle. It helps you use its drop-down table so that you can use it as your workstation.

You will be able to receive your emails comfortably and reply them. You do not have to wait until you reach at your workplace for you to perform some tasks.

You will get the value of your time despite being on traffic. It is a vehicle that helps people be productive and boost their performance without having to blame traffic.

Project Redspace, a known brand that creates cars in China claims that most of the cars remain immobilized for about 90% of their time. Therefore, this car design will be a huge benefit to many people as they can work conveniently as they were in an office.

Brains Behind This Car Design

Brains Behind This Car Design

This is a unique car design that has been created by designer Chris Bangle. Chris and his team are known to prioritize the interiors of this car during its design process to allow you to use it also as a workstation.

It was after well-thought idea and the fact that most people as stuck in a jam most of the time and this makes them reach work late and delay some projects or low productivity.

During this generation where technology is the thing, this car design will benefit many people.

Features Of This Car Design

Features of redspace car

  • Air filtration system – This air filtration is known to regulate or control the temperature of the internal system as well as inside the car. It allows you have fresh air and you work.
  • Extension of the roof – It is meant to help in creating a shadow. This shadow is well known to protect your sun during sunny days, and the roof extension also protects you from being rained on. It is meant to protect you from harsh weather and keep you working efficiently without any interference.
  • It uses a built-in carpet – This is meant to give you the comfort that you require so that you can work comfortably as if you were in your office. It prevents any discomfort that would compromise the quality of your work.
  • Comfortable chair – The chair has been made in such a way that it can swivel one hundred and eighty degrees. It can also be folded down to become a desk so that you can work on it when need be.
  • Modular offset seating solution – The vehicle’s chair are not behind each other directly. Therefore, it gives more room for your legs, and the seats are moved about its cabin. This is helpful in making sure that you are not destructed by any other people in the vehicle.
  • Doors that slide – The doors are intended to slide like minivan as compared the traditional ones, which swing out.
  • Solar panel – It has giant solar panels, which are meant to charge the EV. This solar panel also is used to ensure proper functioning of the internal system of the vehicle.


Advantages of redspace car

  • It reclaims your time that is wasted in traffic as you will be able to work as if you were in your office.
  • Help get a foot massage.
  • It is a comfortable place that ensures that you work well without interferences or destructions.
  • It is known to help protect you from harsh weather as its roof protects you from being rained on and its shadow prevents sun rays for a better working environment.
  • It has a solar panel that is meant to ensure that there is proper working of its internal system.

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This is a car that is of importance to many people. It has been designed to help you use your time well even when in a traffic jam. It is a comfortable place that gives you the environment of an office and therefore, it is a motivation to work by itself.

It is helpful in shielding your from the harsh weather to ensure that you work effectively for desired results. This is a design that is of great help to people in megacities where there are millions of people and traffic jam is a challenge.