The Long Awaited VR Game Seems to be the Oculus Rift’s ‘Robo Recall’

The Long Awaited VR Game Seems to be the Oculus Rift’s ‘Robo Recall’

Oculus Rift’s Robo Recall game is the most polished virtual reality gaming to date. The game is sophisticated and well designed. It is developed exclusively for Oculus Rift and features the Oculus touch controllers. It is designed in a way that it is really easy to grasp even for those who are new VR users.The VR first person shooter, allows you to destroy rogue robots. It offers you with expanding arsenal of weapons and puts your fighting skills to an ultimate test. It includes a number of graphics from the Bullet Train.

About the Robo Recall Game

Its principles are simple. You play a role as an agent of the Robo Ready Company where you are given a responsibility to recall the defective legions of the robots. You are to recall the legions on masses of robots, which had experienced a malfunction previously and are now after human blood. It features violence and can get dark on its theme alone, this is solved by light-hearted execution. The game is not simply a grim death march through VR hell, it has enough levity, witty reactions from the injured robot, and comic cheering from your AI assistant telling you how great you are while you flying robots head across the rooftop after ripping it off. There are numerous multipliers being flashed out in the air without causing any distractions. The game has the colors, vibrant, and crisp renderings of the city environment. It has also Oculus friendly titles and delivers amazing immersive environments and gameplay. It has rogue robots with reflecting metal bodies. It has amazing weapons that are satisfying to fight with.

Robo Recall Game

The Features of the Robo Recall Game

Arcade Action Gameplay
The game allows you to unlock, test weapons, and customize it. This allows you to proceed to challenging missions that put you to test as the robot recaller. It allows you to explore immersive environments as you face off with a variety of rogue robots. You earn yourself a bonus for attacking droids, dismantling, and obliterating them in more expressive and creative ways. Each level you teleport across the barren urban environment, you meet several attacking robots.

It Features Extensibility and Playability
The Robo recall kit enables you to create new weapons, maps, and enemies for the game. It allows you to share with the community your mods. You can also download Robo Recall mods to achieve a personalized recalling experience as you compete on the Robo Recall leaderboards.

Combat Tactics
The combat tactics adds to your score as you use them as you teleport through the rooftops and streets with ballet of bullets. Onslaught, you can use your interactive robot foes as weapons apart from firing your gun.

Combat Tactics

It has a Perfect Touch
It allows your hands to take control of the VR as you slow down waves of robots gone haywire in over-the-top ways. It provides you with an intuitive gun flinging satisfaction. It goes into a slow motion and gives you a chance to stay a step ahead.

The Game Physicality
To draw duel pistols, reach down either sides of your waist. Behind your should reach one or both hands to unsheathe a shotgun or laser cannon. Reload your gun by simply dropping your old gun and grabbing a new one. You can sometimes watch bullets as they stream past your face if you are able to dodge them, swat them away or grab and throw them back to the attacker.

The Out Put Display
The game outputs on an external monitor or television. This allows people to watch the carnage. Chances are the team might add scoring information on the external screen. This will enable people to track how well is doing.

The Benefits of the Robo Recall Game

  • It is funny and makes you laugh and relax.
  • It is not long and takes about three hours of playtime.
  • The physicality of the game is intuitive.
  • The controllers are flawless.

Benefits of the Robo Recall Game


It comes along with free six titles when you set up your new touch. They are toy box, Quill, lucky’s tale, dragon front, in medium, and dead buried. Apparently, the game if free for those who have an Oculus Rift system together with the touch controllers. Lucky enough, the price of the system has been lowered to make it affordable to a large population of people.

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Oculus Rift’s Robo Recall is one of the best VR games. It is fun and immersive to play. The more creative you are in killing the more the scores that you obtain.You are recommended to purchase a third Oculus positional sensor that you will not only use in the Robo Recall but also in other numerous Touch games. It helps you to achieve better 360-degree tracking. You can play the game while sited but to get the best of it you can play it while standing. The game creates a great experience in the visual reality world. The game is an example of what has been hoped for over years in a VR game.