The Handbag Device, Which Helps You To Catch The Thief Red Handed

The Handbag Device, Which Helps You To Catch The Thief Red Handed

Thieves have now come up with a new way of snatching the handbag from women even on public. They are usually targeting the ladies walking alone, where they snatch them their handbags and disappear to the public. When the thief joins the crowd, it is hard to identify them and you can’t trace your handbag again. The rate at which handbags are stolen from women is going up at an alarming rate. This has triggered a Malaysian company to develop an accessory, which is hung on your bag and it will help to catch the thieve red handed. The device was named handbag dyenator.

How Does The Handbag Dyenator Work?

This device is small in size, and it is hanged outside the handbag. It is clinched on the handbag handles and left to hang from the outside. The device makes the user of the bag release a smoke flare and colored dye via text. The smoke and the colored dye will mark the thieves and draw attention. This will make it easier for the thieves to be identified by authorities and they can be caught before they run away. If you fail to catch the thief via the smoke and dye, the device is enabled with GPS which is a tracker that will help the authority to trace the bag whereabouts. This device will only notify the user on the whereabouts of the thief, and you will be able to catch the thief live.
The Handbag Dyenator Work

The Makers Of The Handbag Dyenator

This device was developed by a Malaysian company to help track the handbag snatchers. The sportswear firm is called Ash Be Nimble and it is aimed at minimizing the most criminal act in Malaysia of snatching the handbags from women. The company made the handbag device known as dyenator. It is aimed to minimize the habit of thieves in motorcycles snatching the ladies handbag and vanishing in the crowd. The founder of this firm is Hui Mathews said that this device will be used as a way of putting the safety on the ladies handbag and to minimize theft. The device was made in collaboration with Ogilvy which is an advertising agency. The device is yet to be released in public, and there is a waiting list for those who want to buy the device after it is made available in the market.

The Advantages Of Using Handbag Dyenator

  • It will enable you to track the whereabouts of your handbag
  • It will minimize the snatching of handbags in the street
  • It will alert you and notify you on the hideouts of the thief
  • It is small in size
  • It is easy to use
  • It is not easily noticeable by the thieves
  • It produces smoke and colored dye to enable you mark and identify the thief
  • It makes the handbag thieves fear of being caught
  • It puts safety on your handbag
  • It is GPS enabled

Advantages Of Using Handbag Dyenator

The Cons Of Using The Handbag Dyenator

  • The thief may notice it and cut it off
  • The bag may be obstructed to prevent it from showing the smoke and colored dye
  • The device is not yet made available in the market

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The handbag device was developed with the aim of minimizing the handbag theft. The device targets the thief who snatches the ladies handbag and disappears to the public. The handbag thieves usually target the ladies walking alone, and they usually come in a motorbike and disappear after snatching the handbag. The thieves disappear and comfortably mix with the members of the public. This makes it hard to identify thieve or trace back your handbag. Handbag snatching cases have gone up in Malaysia, and it triggered a sportswear firm to develop this handbag device. The company has collaborated with a marketing agency, and they have come up with an advanced device to help you catch the thief after your handbag is snatched. The device is portable, and it is attached to the handles of your handbag, leaving it to hang from the outside. The device will produce smoke and colored dye making it easier for the identifying authority to trace the thief. If the thief has disappeared and is the smoke is not noticed, you can use the GPS tracker to trace the whereabouts of your handbag. This device looks simple, and it is not easier for the thieves to notice its use. This tracking device is very useful, as it will make you catch the thief red handed. The device will improve the handbag safety, and the snatchers will fear to be tracked. Using this device will minimize the cases of handbag snatching on the street. The device is yet to be released in the market, and there is a waiting list for those who want to buy the device once it is released. If you are impressed by how this device works, you can visit the official website and add yourself to the waiting list. The device is safe for use, and it will not cause any harmful effect.