iPad Pro is Expected to Release in 2016

iPad Pro is Expected to Release in 2016


iPad Pro has been a hot topic to talk about in the tech community. It is one of Apple’s most anticipated releases, however, the product news are only rumors, there hasn’t been any confirmation that has come from the American company and is stating that the iPad Pro will be released or at least there’s a product named iPad Pro in the works. However, tech rumors and leaks are mostly true (60-70 percent most of the time).

There is a new function that Apple has developed this year, the Force Touch, which will be implemented in most of Apple’s devices, and it looks like that Apple won’t be releasing the iPad Pro until 2016, since the company wants to show off their new technology and give it a time for people to experience it, but after that they can give the required attention to the iPad Pro.

Ipad Pro

We don’t know anything about the iPad Pro. We don’t surely know its look, we don’t even know anything about the device’s specifications. There had been just rumors about this. As I have stated earlier in this article, most of the rumors are true. However, I forgot to write that there are two types of rumors. Version 1 is a rumor type that is not backed by anything, so everyone with a creative mind could imagined something and then written on a no-name site. However, Version 2 rumors are mostly trustworthy and from sources that people are trusting and are often backed by several pieces of information.

Ipad Pro

Now the rumors that have been released about the iPad Pro’s release date comes to the rumor type of version 2. However, other rumors that have been leaked or written on the internet come to the category of rumor version 1. So, we are not counting on those rumors since they seem to be from very untrustworthy sources.

There are websites on the internet that’s purpose is to spread rumors about devices. There are even YouTube channels for this. However, most of these sites and videos are fake ones. Do you remember the first video about the iPhone 5, which showed us the “new” device, which could produce holograms from the gadget? The video had 14-15 million views. Why do these leakers lie to us? They do this because of the viewers. If they get views, they will generate money from them since they post commercials and advertisements to their websites and videos. They don’t care about the type of information they are releasing, they only care about money and viewers. It is a legal source of income. However, I don’t think it is an ethical way of earning money. However, I wouldn’t say I can judge these people who are spreading false info. We have to survive in this world and make the most out of it. If we can use the naivety or stupidity of people, why not to do so? However, it is much better to gain income by releasing real information that you have worked hard.

2016, An Interesting Year

2016 will be a pretty interesting year if we will see it from the point of view of technology. Tesla will release the first fully electric car in the world that could be affordable by common people who like eco energy. Apple will release iPad Pro most probably and Microsoft will seem to release their most anticipated product, the Microsoft HoloLens. That smart glass will change both the future and the lifestyle of an average person. Just imagine if people would start to use the device and if augmented tech would be trending. It would seem a bit confusing at first, however, as time passes by we would get used to it. Do you want to speak to one of your friends? Just call him to a virtual place where you could see each other, however, you are talking from different places. Do you want to play a strategy game cooperatively? Just sync your smart glasses and check out the hologram that is on the carpet in the middle of your room. These are of course imaginations of mine, however, don’t you think these would be nice?

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