9 Remarkable Social Good Advancements, which are Influential

9 Remarkable Social Good Advancements, which are Influential

The real champions of global progress should be attributed to those who are socially conscious inventors. Yet, most of the time these individuals are rarely acknowledged. The kind of inventions they come up with, often shake the world as they deal with bigger problems facing the planet with originality and creativity. From the small gadgets, which can efficiently cleanse water fast to the satellites that map global poverty extraordinarily, innovations are continuously making steps towards dealing with social problems.

1. Cloth-line to Aid Curb Zika Virus

The Maternova designers, which are an innovation hub, are bent on catering for the needs of expectant women. They have successfully developed a particular line of cloth, which has insect repellant, thus protecting the expectant mothers from getting the Zika virus. The repellant protects the mother from 40 insect types and can last not more than fifty washes.

2. Minuscule a Water Disinfectant Gadget

Disinfectant Gadget
Harnessing the UV rays power that kills bacteria, the minuscule device has the power required to disinfect contaminated water in the developing nations. This device can effectively disinfect a bottle containing water in twenty minutes. While the UV rays takes 24 hours to kill bacteria present in the same amount of water.

3. AI aids the Blind Identify Items

An iPhone downloadable app called Aipoly, helps the visually impaired individuals identify objects fast. The users only need to point the phone towards a colored object then the app tells what has been recognized through a speaking voice setting or a text on the screen.

4.Milk-made Edible Food Packaging

With a world dominated by plastic packaging, there is need for sustainable alternatives that will preserve and protect your food. There has been a new development by the U.S. Agricultural Research department. These researchers have managed to develop a biodegradable film that is made of milk protein, which is referred to as casein, intended to curb the released plastic waste, and it is also edible.

5. Easy Monitoring of Electricity

Monitoring of Electricity
The current society we live in highly depends on energy for it to function at its optimum level. But most of us fail to know the amount of power we consume at a given time. A sensor that was invented by the MIT researchers can change that by simply monitoring the energy each device uses within your home.

This kind of sensor empowers the homeowner with insight on the energy consumption patterns, potentially inspiring them to work on saving money by cutting down on a few unnecessary uses.

6. Diaphragm Detecting Labor Prior to Contractions

The currently developed diaphragm, which is now referred to as the smart diaphragm, has the ability to sense any kind of changes in the cervix. Thus, it is able to direct exactly when a female is almost going to labor even before the beginning of the contractions. As at now, contractions are the primary indicator, which the medics use in order to know if a woman is almost giving birth. For the case of early labor, there isn’t much that can be done to prolong the pregnancy or even deal with a pressing health issue, eventually leading to many premature infants and a high risk of the mother’s health.

Using the smart diaphragm will enables a doctor know if the woman will give birth even two weeks prior. Being able to detect earlier can save lives of the newborns and mothers.

7. Detect poverty via satellite and AI

Poverty is referred to as a systemic global problem, however mapping it in order to effectively tackle the needs while observing trends is not a walk in the park. The current way to map poverty is simply with the use of AI and satellite. Nevertheless, it can also assist the relief workers in their distribution of aid to distinct parts of the globe, enabling you to save on both money and the resources required to conduct a survey on the ground for the poor regions.

8. Bot aiding low-income persons battle eviction

Lawyers are known to be damn expensive. However, robot lawyers offer their legal services for free. There are particular cases where these bots act as stellar legal aids, thus help low-income people retain their shelters by giving them reliable advice concerning the eviction threats. Joshua Browder, a Stanford undergraduate made the first invention of the bot, referred to as DoNotPay, in order to fight against packing tickets for users who have both a fine and a computer. However, Browder made a release of the new bot on the month of August while partnering with Centrepoint, a UK youth homeless charity. The main purpose is to assist those who are unable to pay for their legal assistance fight evictions.

9. Safely remove bombs with a drone

bombs with a drone
Being able to detect and remove landmines on time can be a tough task that is time intensive and dangerous as well. However, the Mine Kafon Drone that is funded through kickstarter this August is aiming to make changes on this. This drone locates landmines and terminates them without having any direct human interaction. The drone does a survey of the area and detects the landmines with the help of a metal detector. It then maps the area and the drone operator drops the detectors on to the landmine with an extending arm.


With the above social good innovations presented, the world could not get any better. Addressing social issues in terms of innovation is a kind gesture that can be termed as philanthropic. Often, the people who come up with these ideas tend to go unnoticed, but it is high time that they get the attention and assistance they require in order to help make tomorrow a better place for everyone.

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