Google and Fiat Chrysler to Come Up with Android in-car Tech

Google and Fiat Chrysler to Come Up with Android in-car Tech

The growth and advancement being experienced in the technological platform are just about to receive another boost. In the past year, there has been a lot of talk about technology being incorporated into vehicles. The talk saw to the development of the self-driving vehicle by the Google team. This was not successful as many variables had not been taken into account and it was a pioneer project. Based on it, Google and their counterparts Fiat have just concluded a strategy that aims at the development of a vehicle technology that operates based on the android operating system.


This is new in car system and is being developed with the aim of being fitted into a car. The system is said to operate on android operating system 7.0 and has quite a range of features. Some of these include different control systems e.g. AC and heating components, system is compatible with different android applications, a terrestrial radio and more. The system is a form of entertainment and a way for people to connect using a platform that can only be found in a car.

The Android Model

The Android Model
Google has teamed efforts with the FCA to ensure that the android model is as par the expectations. In fact, the model exceeds what was expected due to its simplicity, ease of use and distraction free. The previous model had not incorporated elements such as distraction, which are essential if the system is to be incorporated into a vehicle. The in-car model is mounted to look or show similarity to a smartphone. The display is directly linked or in other words powered and supported by your smartphone. It is clear that Google is aiming at expanding its number of users by providing a system that seamlessly integrates and perfectly operates into a model car. With integrations into the software and car systems developed by the carmakers themselves, this model will certainly achieve its intended purpose.

Objective of Android in-Car

Android and Google platforms have the capability to provide the needed flexibility in the development of the car. This is mainly because the two of them are committed towards developing a system that offers seamless and safe operating platforms. In addition, they offer the much needed application compatibility that other platforms do not. The carmaker sees this opportunity and chance and agrees with its essentiality at the same time, managing to retain their branding rights and incorporate/retain and maintain their own customer relations. With such kind of a relationship, it is definite that the partners have a suitable strategy and will operate towards perfectly developing the in-car android system.

User Interface

Android will assist in maintaining an interactive and integrative user interface making it unique. Through U-connect, android offers a simplified in-car system that easy, fast to learn and use. It is easy to integrate with the different android features and the different applications that are in form of an ecosystem. This type of compatibility is what Google is offering; it is also the main factor limiting Apple from doing the same. Apple is also looking forward and coming up with strategies to develop and integrate their products available on smartphones with the cars or vehicles but hasn’t been able to take the necessary steps past the development of Car-Play. What limits Apple is the fact that they will never give control over their system to some other company. This includes how the automobile looks like and how the interface feels to the carmakers.
Integrative user interface

Letting go of Control

Letting the carmakers, reserve control over the operating systems and the general systems has time and again proven to be wrong. This is because they are clumsy and have proven to be incapable in the recent past with the UX. However, let’s not judge them too early since they also face a lot of rules and regulations. This includes means through which distraction is limited in the designing of the car. It is difficult to let go of control even to the automakers especially when it comes to the design of the interface, operating systems and above all customer experience.


Soon, the experience provided by the in-car technology will be taking over the world of automobiles. In the near future, the trends will have changed and in-car technology becomes a valuable element to have in your car. Androids ability to be flexible is the key and the turning point towards achieving more technological presence in vehicles. It is possible that U-connect is the next big thing in the world of automobiles and vehicles.

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Cars have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Having a way to incorporate our technological user experience to what is available in a vehicle is indeed a good thing. Entertainment should not be limited to our houses and smartphones or smart devices, with a smart system in your car; there is nothing you are limited to in terms of entertainment. This is a smart and strategic move and a future goal that Google has devised in this level.