Facebook to Update Their Tools to Prevent Video Piracy

Facebook to Update Their Tools to Prevent Video Piracy

Facebook is becoming a bigger player in the world of video streaming and along with that position comes more criticism, and it has come pretty strongly when it comes to their efforts to stop video piracy on the site.

For those unfamiliar with video websites such as Facebook or YouTube, piracy on these websites isn’t stopped necessarily by an administrator going manually through the videos and picking up the wrong ones, but mainly through an electronic detection system that’s able to go through the content, both in terms of audio and video and able to stop the replicas that aren’t normally allowed. As Facebook has grown on that end, it seems like those videos have become more of a problem. These tools don’t only scan videos, but they do so very quickly and are part of what makes the content legitimate and of good quality.

Detection Tools That Works Automatically

Detection Tools
Such detection tools are to become important arguments when it comes to gaining the superior position in the video streaming market, and it looks like Facebook has now decided to improve on that end. There has been some demand on the side of creators for some time now and it looks like Facebook is ready to do their own update. The problem has been the reposting of videos by other users, something that has been stated to be too easy to do. In the end, genuine creators of great videos were the ones penalized by this and the new efforts by Facebook should help make things more fair for them. Facebook was becoming larger in the area of video posting, but it did have some catch-up to do as YouTube’s automatic system was reputed to be more effective and high-performance before this update from the social network. There will also be a timeline and progression to follow when it comes to the inclusion of these new detection tools for Facebook.

Why does this matter? Simply because the video business is becoming bigger. Every time someone posts a video on a website there can be ads that will allow that individual or business (and Facebook) to make money. The number of views is generally getting bigger as a whole as well and the most important video creators start paying attention to these things so that their efforts to create good content are not sabotaged. Facebook and YouTube’s video services would be nothing without good video creators and things have to be done to respect and honor that. Some YouTube stars had been pointing out that Facebook was lagging behind in many regards. Facebook’s numbers seem to be tempting for some YouTube users, but the way Facebook manage their content and the lack of opportunities to monetize views has been getting in the way. However, it looks like Facebook will be improving things when it comes to earning dollars for good original content on the social network. A practice called “freebooting” had become a problem where some users would upload content without consent.

A Necessary Move

So overall, this comes as a necessary effort from Facebook, but could also be called a reaction to some degree as this had been a request by some top creators for some time. If Facebook wants to gain the crown and stay ahead of the curve, they will certainly have to make their efforts and moves ahead of YouTube, instead of simply updating their system to what is acceptable in terms of videos. Several years have passed now since YouTube decided to offer something similar and seeing Facebook update their anti-piracy tools couldn’t even be called “good news”. Video creators will most likely show a bit of relief and give out a little “thanks” in return, but it’s safe to say that better things are expected from the social network when it comes to videos. Facebook seems to be looking to do a lot of things at once, but it’s safe to say videos look to be at the top of priorities considering the numbers in play. Reasons to log on to the social network have changed and people often go there to watch videos nowadays and get all their information in own place.

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