Could the Dodow Metronome Light System Help You Sleep Better?

Could the Dodow Metronome Light System Help You Sleep Better?

There are plenty of sleep enhancers on the market that ranges from prescriptions, over the counter drugs, exercises and more. The reason there are so many different products and different forms of sleep enhancers is because it is such a huge problem for so many people of all age groups. To add to this massive product line-up, there is a newer version of a sleep system called the Dodow Metronome Light System.

Perhaps the most important aspect about Dodow is that it is a natural approach to sleep enhancement. It doesn’t require the taking of any medications internally or the application of any medication externally.

The creators of Dodow focused on some of the major issues that come with being able to get proper sleep.

Not Falling Asleep

One of the common problems for a lot of people is they simply cannot get to sleep. They are dead tired when they hit the pillow for a good night’s rest but they lay there for hours tossing and turning.

Stress Levels

People who are under a lot of stress just cannot relax their brain enough to allow them to get into the sleep mode. This is another reason why they may not be able to get to sleep.

Dodow is being claimed as being the solution for this and it is said that it can help its users fall asleep within 25 minutes of going to bed.

The Dodow Metronome Light System Technology

The Dodow Metronome Light System Technology

The Dodow uses light as its main resource for helping to put the body into the sleep mode. The user focuses on a light that is emitted onto the ceiling and when doing so the user’s breathing is synchronized with the light.

Basically, what it does, it distracts the user from their normal thought patterns that may be preventing them from falling asleep. It basically uses the theory that was used in counting sheep to get to sleep. If a person were to count sheep that they imagined in their head then it was changing their thought pattern.

As the Dodow allows the user to focus on their breathing it has the ability to bring the number of breaths down from 11 to 6 per minute, which is more in tune with a person in a relaxed state. Yoga which is also known to help with sleep uses a technique to control breathing to reach a state of relaxation.

Being in a relaxed state is an important pre-requisite to be able to fall asleep and even staying a sleep for the required amount of time.

How to Use the Dodow Metronome Light System?

It is just a matter of turning the light on, setting the time duration, and then settling down for a good night’s sleep. The light will turn itself off within an eight to twenty minute period according to the time chosen.

This is such a simple system to use that it is recommended for anyone with sleep issues above the age of six. It is a simple light operated with a battery.

The Theory Behind the Success of Dodow

The inventors of Dodow are of the impression that many of the standard methods for inducing sleep like hypnosis for example or meditation, require a lot of learning and investment. None of that is required with Dodow.

What Makes Using Dodow Beneficial?

What makes using dodow beneficial?
Anyone that does not get to enjoy proper sleep will most often show the symptoms of this. Some examples are…


Lack of sleep often makes individuals irritable. This is commonly noted in children but is also present in adults. They are uptight and lack patience.


Sleepless nights or poor sleep patterns can leave one feeling like they have gotten no rest and all, and this drains their energy. They don’t feel like they have the energy to get through the day.

Poor Health

It is a well-known fact that good sleep is necessary for optimized health. It is believed that sleep deprivation can lower the body’s natural defences which could leave people in this situation at greater risk for health problems.

Poor Daily Performance

With no energy as a result of poor sleep, this has both a physical and mental effect on an individual. For adults, this can affect their ability to carry out their employment duties properly and their performance. For children, it can have a detrimental effect on their learning capabilities.


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What are Users of Dodow Saying?

Dodow has been on the market for a while and as such has gotten some feedback. Based on approx. 11 users the overall experience they are reporting is of a positive nature.

With all the potential benefits that Dodow can bring to a user it makes it a good choice in that it may be a safer approach to solving the sleep problem and it is certainly affordable at $59. Plus there is the simplicity behind it, meaning there are not numerous components to the Dodow Metronome Light System or any complex usage or requirement for extra devices that require the use of Apps.