Snapchat’s Abundance Means To See Straight Into Olympics

Snapchat’s Abundance Means To See Straight Into Olympics

Olympics is known to be the spectacle. It is a game that is watched and followed by many individuals. However, it is an expensive spectacle and NBC is known to hold TV rights exclusively. It is known that NBC spent money amounting $963 million for the Winter Olympics to be held in Pyeongchang.

NBC, media giant has got the amount back through ad sales. However, the major challenge for this media giant is the number of viewership which might not be so great. This is so because some individuals work in office jobs and they may not be able to watch the Olympics.

On the other hand, this does not guarantee that these category of people do not actually watch games as they can do so through other means such as twitter or by reading mashable articles.

Fortunately, snapchat is the best way that will help you know what is happening at the Winter Olympics in 2018. It provides a wide range of ways for you to watch the games.

It is an app which is designed to show you what the real game and shows what is happening. Importantly, NBC has invested about $500 million for this app in the IPO (initial public offering) despite being a bit strict with the social media platforms which share Olympics-associated content.

Showcasing Raw Content by a Snapchat

Snapchat is known to be capable of showcasing raw contents both from the attendees and athletes. This is a unique feature as compared with what you will get when watching on television or on the Twitter feeds.

Watch Olympics Using Snapchat

The producers and editors for snapchat capture vital figures as well as other highlights for you. The highlights or stories provided look at the moments when the game is on or even behind-the-scenes at the Olympics village.

These stories or highlights that were showcased in a snapchat are stories such as athletes in their wool socks warming their feet using a heater or Jamie Anderson, snowboarder completing his run or Adam Rippon, skater speaking to the viewers directly as he holds the camera.

In a snap that was recorded shortly following finishing a free skate, Rippon said “hey everybody this is Adam Rippon. I found the good light”. He continued, “Now it’s time to cheer on my teammates. Go Team USA. Woo!”

The Daily Edition in the Snapchat Discover

The app will not only involve watching the athletes or watching other individuals who are involved. In addition, the users should find entertainment in its pre-game content.

Partnership between NBC and BuzzFeed are known to create the daily edition in the snapchat discover for you to get this pre-game content. It is claimed that NBC might be generating 2 mini sequence meant for snapchat.

Watch This Olympics Using Snapchat

The first one is pipe goals which is three Olympic snowboarders. The second one is known to be Chasing Gold which profiles the staff USA athletes as well as Nathan Chen, Lindsey Vonn, Gus Kenworth and Chloe Kim.

Snap Maps

It is known that snapchat can be viewed online easily. This map will help you zoom in or tap a section on this map to see highlights or stories. It may feature stories such as the fashion week which is curated by the Snapchat’s new producers.

The map stories are known to be generated algorithmically from assured location. It is advisable for its user to share this map through providing an embedded code on his or her website.

It is claimed that this update is the current sign which Evan Spiegel, the Snap CEO is putting his effort to increase the audience for snapchat. This is an expansion of the snapchat as it was known that snapchat was used by mobile exclusively.

The web player which was launched allows public snaps from other official stories intended to be viewed through online. Snap maps are known to be useful as it helps its user to known the place where his or her friend is, this is possible when the users decide to share the location whether they are.

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Snapchat is an app which is has been designed to help you watch Olympics. It gives you an opportunity to watch the actual live game. It is meant to give you information both for the attendees and the athletes. It allows you to enjoy the game from wherever you will be as you are not required to be on a television.

It also provides highlights or other stories to keep you entertained. The snap map also is a great feature which also allows you to know where your friend will be and it also brings you stories about fashion or other aspects.

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