TomTom Bandit’s Advanced Features Overshadow GoPro

TomTom Bandit’s Advanced Features Overshadow GoPro

GoPro has been a great device to record videos about anything actually. You can record almost everything with it, however, GoPro is most widely used among people who do sport. Do you want to record how you sky in the Alps? No problem, with GoPro you can do that too with ease.

However, there has been a brand new arrival to the market who can be the perfect competitor for GoPro. This device is the Bandit designed and manufactured by TomTom.

The Design

The TomTom Bandit is actually looking like a gadget from Star Wars movie. I’m not kidding, it really looks like one! It looks like a futuristic device along with a classic sci-fi look. I think that’s great, I personally, always liked companies that design their gadgets in a new look. Of course, there are some companies that design their products in the way it was originally made, let’s say, 20 years ago. But the best is for a company to change the design often!

Features of the Bandit

TomTom not only wants to get ahead of GoPro by improving the capture quality of the videos, but they also strive to make the entire process from the capturing of the video to editing to be as streamlined as possible. What makes this even easier that there’s a built-in function in the device that allows users to edit the footage, so there’s no need for downloading it. The built-in function is a media server that has been included in the software of the device. Users are allowed to use the server in order to store and edit their footages.

Features of the Bandit

The TomTom Bandit costs roughly 399 American Dollars. The price seems to be fair, just see what specifications device has. The Bandit can capture video footage at 1080p at 60 FPS (frames per seconds). This is quite great, however, there’s more! The gadget can capture recordings in 4k too at the limit of 15 FPS. This were the videos, however, what device is that, which can capture video footage but it is not possible to take photos with it? Of course, the TomTom Bandit is not such device since it can take photos at the quality of 16MP.

The best about the Bandit is that the gadget actually has several motion sensors and a GPS built in it. The sensors can measure the G-Force for example or your actual heart rate. With this, viewers of the videos that has been taken with the TomTom Bandit can see the specifics of the person who recorded the video.

Action Cameras

Both GoPro and TomTom is in the category of “action cameras”. But what are action cameras actually? Let me explain. Action cameras are types of recording devices that you place to the tool that you are currently using or attached to, or you can also hold it in your hands while doing something. If you haven’t watched any videos or recordings that have been taken with action cameras then you must see them! You can’t really imagine how cool those videos are actually looking. My favorite videos are those when they attach the action camera to the helmet or near to the head of the user, so everyone can see the action in first person view.

Action Cameras

Action cameras are also used in the military. I bet you have seen in many movies that the president is actually watching a live stream of soldiers who are currently trying to silently infiltrate a place that’s full of enemies. Yes, the military is currently using action cameras. That’s why the arrival of the TomTom Bandit could make a difference. If TomTom’s action camera could beat the ones that has been used by the military the company then may get a contract from them to build the government new types of military level cameras that can be used in operations. If the company could make it to this point they could make huge money there.

Final Verdict

The TomTom Bandit seems to be a great device for recording action cam videos. The company has taken several upgrades that make their product superior to the GoPro camera, which is also the beginning of a hard competition among the companies.

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