Google Launched Updated Cloud Speech API To Support More Languages

Google Launched Updated Cloud Speech API To Support More Languages

This is a Cloud Speech API, which is meant to allow the developers to utilize Google’s service to make sure that it can be able to transcribe spoken words to text since 2016 when it was launched.

It is being updated today so that it can be able to work more effectively and helps you achieve the desired results.

There is addition of 3o languages that have been added for its support beside the other 89 languages that were there.

These 89 languages have been understood by the services and include among others Spanish, English, and Arabic. The new languages include among others Swahili, Latvian and Bengali.

About The Cloud Speech IPA

the cloud speech ipa

This is a service by Google that is meant to help support more languages so as to increase users as well as allow people to sue their language of choice when suing Google.

Google has also introduced other new but few core features to the service. It is capable of supporting for world level timestamps so that you can be able to tag each word with its timestamp.

This will help the developers allow the users to hear how a given word would sound like. This is interesting of the human augmented transcription as well as translation services which use this particular API to help them speed their workflows.

It is known to reduce the time that is spent to proofread as it is capable of mapping the audio to the required text with the timestamps.

The Brain Behind This Service

The Brain Behind This Service

This is a service that was created by co-founder of Happy scribe, Andre Bastie. The company is known to utilize this service for and it costs $0.10 per minute interview transcription.

This service can allow developers to upload files and use it for about three hours as compared the previous version, which could allow up to eighty minutes for use of the service.

This is a service also that can help the developers to ask for quota extension to help in uploading files that are longer than before.

Like the previous version, this service can allow developers to get sixty minutes of free audio processing via use of Speech API and it can also allow additional of fifteen seconds which is billed at $0.006 only.

Benefit Of Cloud Speech API To Businesses

The businesses around the world have benefited from this service as it help in improving speech recognition for all the things from call center to voice activated commands to data analytics.

There have been also a lot of feedbacks from the users who wish for more functionality of the service and also want more control so that they can run their businesses more effectively.

Therefore, the Cloud Speech API is capable of giving them more support further extend to other languages to help more customers instill AI into their own business.

It also helps in supporting long form audio and helps handle the tasks well for improved productivity.

Uses of Cloud Speech API

uses of cloud speech api

1.World rank timestamps – This is a service that is used to provide timestamp information for every word in transcript.

This will let the users jump to moment in the audio where text was spoken and may help in displaying the appropriate text while your audio is playing.

2. It is used by Happy Scribe to power affordable and easy to use voice to text transcription to help professionals like researchers and reporters to transcribe interviews.

3. Voxlmplant is capable of helping companies to build video and audio applications which include speech analytics and IVR applications.

4. It helps in expanded language coverage to make sure that more users in different countries use speech to access services and products that they are not available to them yet they want them.

This is possible as API is supporting 89 languages and it is adding 3o more languages for the benefits of its users across the world.

5. It is known to support your files for up to three hours long to help the users with long form audio requirements. The increased length of the file support from the previous eighty minutes will help you benefit from the service.

You can also support files that take longer than 3 hours through support provided on case by case which allows you to apply for quota extension that you are charges with $0.006 for fifteen seconds.

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This is a service that has been introduced by Google, a search engine that is well recognized across the world. Cloud Speech API was launched in the year 2016 to allow developers to transcribe the required text to text.

This updated service is known to come with addition of thirty more languages for more users to benefit from this service.

It is meant to integrate with the existing voice typing quality, which is currently supporting 89 languages.

Google has claimed to come up with this update through working closely with the native speakers as it collects speech samples when it asked them to read common phrases.