Artificial Intelligence has Risen & Taken Over Smartphone Technology

Artificial Intelligence has Risen & Taken Over Smartphone Technology

Artificial intelligence is simply taking over the technological industry when it comes to offering customer service or assistance. Gone are the days that smartphones took the lead, today, a smartphone is just a phone. However, if accompanied by artificial intelligence, it becomes the next big thing and what everyone is in need of to help or assist in navigating the modern lives that people have created for themselves. Smartphones are now gaining in intelligence and are on the way to becoming the most interactive, reliable and credible personal assistants out there in the market. Smartphones are bound to be left behind or used by the assistants to improve the services offered to the customers or consumers.


With each step towards the future, there is an innovation fever, and people are fighting and looking forward to redefining what smart means or stands for. Well, according to some, the term smart refers to offering what is needed through anticipating what are the needs of an individual or a client; giving the technological device the ability to integrate and fully be in compliance with an individual’s life and ensuring convenience, comfort, and reliability in its use.


This is the new artificial intelligence assistant that is redefining the world of smartphones and casting them aside. It is a Panasonic Eluga Ray’s smartphone series that incorporates the best or artificial intelligence that has been integrated into smartphones. The smartphone series is redefining the smartphone technology, making it much smarter and giving it the ability to offer you guidance and assure you of your daily activities smoothly and with no or minimal disruptions. It is one to take on your daily tasks from morning to evening or on a 24-hour schedule depending on you as an individual.



No more excuses as to why you missed the morning meeting, conference or bus. With Arbo, you won’t forget essential days marked on your calendars, including birthdays, valentines or other holidays and definitely, you won’t have to tackle any more scheduling elements. All you need is to face your daily work with minimal efforts as they have already been simplified.


Your lifestyle is highly dependent on what you do, where you work and what activities are on your calendar each day of the month or year. It is sometimes not streamlined making it impossible to successfully run your month or to remember essential factors on the calendar or schedule. Artificial intelligence sweeps in and improves your workload easing it, ensuring that it well organized and reducing the stress you faced on a daily basis. This improves your mental focus, concentration and therefore, success comes much more easily and you are able to settle fully into your daily routine and improve your lifestyle.

Smartphone Features

Artificial intelligence has integrated itself and is improving every facet of smartphones making them better and improving their impacts on our lives. In addition, it is improving some of the mundane functions of the smartphones such as slow charging and making it charge faster and more efficient battery life. Furthermore, it improves your smartphones shelf life by preventing smashing, display breakage, and better storage space. In the near future, there will be no more smartphone capabilities that are there currently. All of them will have been advanced and highly improved to match artificial intelligence and to ensure effectiveness and efficiency levels as well.

Arbo: Panasonic Ray Eluga Features

Arbo panasonic ray eluga features
Apart from offering the most advanced artificial intelligence ever experienced on smartphones, it also provides relief from some of the challenges we face with other smartphone devices. It is has a battery that lasts an entire day without going off, charging the battery is fast and uses the most recent technology in the industry making it highly efficient. Furthermore, it incorporates a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and a RAM of 4 gigabytes. Its operations are smooth and highly advanced, and no challenges are faced when multitasking is making it one of the best.


Arbo has the freedom and capability to assist you as the day passes and another comes in without any form of delay. With such smooth and assured functionality, you can now add the other amazing features expected to come with the series including a gorilla glass display or screen, security permissions, and access that are water tight, storage space that is in plenty and improved ready to take off the device in the same device.

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With each advanced, a new innovation is born that is more advanced and more efficient than the others. Your smartphone challenges can now be eliminated by getting yourself an Arbo or the Eluga series from Panasonic. If seeking advanced technological thrill or better smartphone functionality, then the series is much more preferable compared to your current smartphone. Furthermore, it offers you the chance to change with changing lifestyles and own one of the best personal assistants that are enabled with artificial intelligence smoothening it out. This is one of the smartphones and artificial intelligence series that you seriously don’t want to miss!