Apps We Want For Microsoft Hololens

Apps We Want For Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft is developing a brand new smartglass Microsoft HoloLens, which has the ability to alter holographs to real life. In this article we will introduce you the brand new device of Microsoft, the apps we are looking for it and of course, the company behind the gadget.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has developed a new device, which I have stated previously, can alter holographs into real life. Ok, but how does it really work? The technique hasn’t been revealed fully, however, I can explain you the process. First of all, you have to put on the smartglass, turn it on, and you will see that there’s a screen on one of your eyes. That device’s priority is to alter the holographs to your eye, which you will see that it’s in the real world. The best thing about holograms is that you can not only see them, but you can also interact with them. For example, if you are working on a new product, let’s take, for example, a smartphone, with the HoloLens you can display it in front of you in the living room. After you see the form of the smartphone, you can interact with it, design its form with your bare hands.

Microsoft HoloLens

The device seems pretty futuristic, but hey, this is not the future, this is the present. You are living here, you are living in the 21st century where everything can happen. However, imagining people who are seeing their own holograms while sitting on the bus can really seem to be pretty futuristic. Just imagine, what gaming will become. People will get rid of their gaming consoles and personal computers, they will only use the Microsoft HoloLens for their gaming purposes. Just imagine online gaming, you don’t have to bring your computer to your friend, plug in an LAN cable and play, you only have to put on your Microsoft HoloLens and connect to him or her and play. And that’s not the best, you will have a much better experience while playing since you will see the whole thing happening in your real life!

Reading the previous paragraph it may seem to be a pretty great thing to have a HoloLens and use it for everyday purposes, but it can turn out to be a quite bad experience too. I mean by that, that if you don’t have the device you will soon realize that you have no friends. Having smart glasses can cause serious issues among people too, since there will be addicts who use the gadgets so often that they will think that the holograms are real life happenings. Just imagine them like hardcore LSD users, they can’t see the difference between the real and the imaginary lives.

Microsoft, The Company Behind Hololens

Microsoft, with its original founder Bill Gates, have emerged from a small startup electronic company to one of the world’s biggest companies. Bill Gates have left the company already, so Microsoft has had a relatively new CEO for about 4-5 years. The company is planning to issue several new devices and brands to remain in competition with Apple and Google and with other big companies. Apple and Google have been the biggest competitors of the company. Why this two companies? Where are Samsung and Sony? Samsung and Sony are competitors to Microsoft, however, only in the smartphone area, which is not the primary category of the big monolith. They prioritize in operating systems, that’s why Google and Apple have been a pain for them. Apple’s Osx and Google’s newly developed Chrome OS could present serious dangers to the company.

Apps We Want To Come With Hololens

I, personally, would like to see a HoloLens version of YouTube, since it would seem pretty cool to see video clips of popular music artists in my living room. I am also looking forward to Minecraft, one of the most popular and creative games that are present on the market. If they could develop Photoshop to the HoloLens it would be pretty cool too since I could modify pictures with my bare hands. Just imagine how easier things will be, since you will see the applications in person in your own room.

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