Ticwatch 2- A Very Convenient Interactive Smartwatch By Mobvoi

Ticwatch 2- A Very Convenient Interactive Smartwatch By Mobvoi

There are many smartwatches in the market though not all of them are as smart and unique as you think. You should always be careful with features like battery life, appearance or compatibility when choosing for the right Smartwatch for yourself. One of the smartwatches that is hitting and is unique such that it wows shoppers though it is not an Apple brand is Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch from Mobvoi.

It is a Smartwatch that is unique, and it is capable of helping you achieve your goals regarding fitness and other significant activities without having to carry your smart phone with you.

About Ticwatch Smartwatch

About Ticwatch Smartwatch
It is a watch that has a sleek, round face and has a customizable background. Has a lively 400 by 400 pixel OLED display and it is IP65 rated, and this helps you have the freedom of taking the watch to the beach without having to damage it.

Unique Features As Compared To Android Smartwatch Or Apple Watch
This is a watch that has the following discussed features as compared with Apple and Android smartwatches in the market:

1. Affordable

This is a Smartwatch that is priced at less at most $200 only, or you can find it for less than that amount. As compared to the other smartwatches of Android and Apple make which cost higher than the Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch, and therefore, this Smartwatch is affordable for many people. It does not burden you financially for you to purchase it. The other smartwatches are known to carry hefty price tags while this one has a normal price tag that is a reasonable price for many people.

2. User Friendly

The Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch is a robust watch that is user-friendly having a Ticwatch OS that can help you access to the social media easily than the other smartwatches brands like Android and Apple. You can get social media notification easily with the use of this watch and therefore, you remain updated and have fun as well as contribute where necessary. It ensures that you are don’t miss any notifications and therefore keep you updated for your own good and at your own choice.

3. Track Your Fitness Goals More Closely


This is a Smartwatch that is helpful in helping you track your fitness progress more closely that the Android and Apple smartwatches. It will give you results of your exercise or workout so that you can know if you attained the required levels or not as it gives you the amounts of calories that you burned. It is a device that may also help you know the distance you walked, steps you made or heart health for a better performing person. Knowing your progress on a fitness activity will help you set and achieve goals easily and thus keep you a healthy person than other smartwatches.

4. Read Texts

It is a Smartwatch that is meant to help you read texts on its screen other than having your smart phone with you. It will bring the message notification on its screen for you to open and read it other than waiting until when you have access to your smart phone. This will help you respond to any emergency, and thus you are updated on issues.

5. GPS Navigation


This is a Smartwatch that allows you to navigate through the GPS for finding locations or to show the location where you are at that particular time without having your smart phone with you. The other smartwatches require you to have your phone with you so as to navigate through GPS.

6. Supports Voice Commands

Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch is capable of supporting voice commands as compared to other smartwatches that cannot support voice commands. You can speak to this Smartwatch to hail a car and helps you to communicate with your favorite application.

7. Set Reminders


This is a Smartwatch that can help you set significant reminders in it and thus you will not forget or skip an important meeting, class or performing other essential things. It ensures that you catch up with all the events that are important to you without failing.

8. Getting Incoming Call

Ticwatch is a device that helps you get any incoming call even while you are riding a bike or while running without having to stop and take out the phone. You can answer the call literally with the flick of your wrist and take the call through headphones.

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This is a Smartwatch that is unique and has powerful features that even Apple or Android smartwatches do not have. It is also an affordable device that does not have to burden you financially for you to own it. You can perform several tasks like receiving incoming calls, voice commands and receive texts using this Smartwatch without having to take your phone out. It is a device that can work well even if you are using an Android phone or Apple. When you charge it for eighty minutes, you can use it for two days, and it is sold currently at $169.99 only.