Stalkscan and Data Selfie are the Two Creepiest Facebook Tools

Stalkscan and Data Selfie are the Two Creepiest Facebook Tools

Facebook is currently among the top-rated and popular social media platform. This can be attributed to the easy user ability and the quick joining process. However, this is a potential security threat to many users. Especially now that it allows for members to share a lot, including current places or check-ins, you should observe utmost caution when using this platform. Despite the various layers of privacy settings available, various tools make cracking your security quite simple. The two common and easy tools include the data selfie and stalkscan.


This is a web-based tool that enables a Facebook user to search and look into what another member or members have shared publicly. This feature was created by a Belgian ethical hacker. Overall, this powerful tool shows what kind of information is available on this particular social media platform. Using this tool is quite simple. The only requirement is finding the URL code of the person’s profile in the interface. With this, you can have access to anything about the person including photos, check-ins, status updates among others. Good thing, this tool does not provide security threat at all.

With Facebook uplifting their privacy controls, this tool has limited entry into personal information. With this mentioned, there are various visibility groups for users. They include:

  • Only me – here, you can only see the update.
  • Friends – with this visibility choice, only your friends can see what you updated.
  • Friends of friends – with this choice, members who are not your friends but are friends to your friends can access your update.
  • Public – taking this choice means that anybody who is a member of this platform can see your status update.


For common Facebook users, finding someone’s or updates requires you to visit their profile. Similarly, by pasting the profile URL link to stalkscan, you will have all you need about the person. In case there are many results of your search, stalkscan offers filtering options for easy identification. The filtering search options supported include:

  • Profile- this displays public profile info including videos, pictures, games, apps, past and future events, posts and groups.
  • People- options available here include friends, family, co-workers, classmates, locals, and friends of friends.
  • Interests- this includes pages, political parties, religion, music, places, and books.
  • Tags- this involves any activity or status the user was tagged in or tagged.
  • Comments- these are comments the user posted on Facebook.
  • Liked- Here, photos, videos or posts that the user liked, display.
  • Places- they include restaurants, bars, stores, hotels or theaters.

Clicking on any of the entry mentioned above opens the Facebook page. With this said, you can use this tool to aid you to regulate what you want other people to see in your profile. To achieve this, you can search for your profile via stalkscan. You can then delete anything revealed from your profile that is contrary to your wish.

Data Selfie

To begin, data selfie is a free online open source tool or rather a browser extension that analyzes and predicts what Facebook says about you. This involves details on political views, interest and other activities. Facebook uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms based on the University of Cambridge and IBM Watson. With this, it provides and makes predictions or guesses about your interests and other things.

Data selfie

Data selfie uses various leads to analyze this. It records clicks on the newsfeed, external links you follow, posts you spend the most time on, particular information contained in the posts, what you type and post are just to mention. Armed with this, data selfie displays a dashboard of what the Facebook and entire Zuckerberg’s team think or know about you. You should not worry when using this feature as it does not send the information to other users. It stores the data locally on your server.

The layout of this extension is awesome. Opening it up, it contains several sections. The sections are arranged characteristically in titles with specific information describing you. The titles include political orientation, religious affiliations and how you relate to various things in the world. The program is further sorted by the date and time and crosses indicating the quantity of the clicked links, likes, what you looked or typed. The quantity is indicated by small, color-coded crosses with easy visibility.
Scrolling down the platform, you will find out more information about you displayed. They include top 10 friends, top likes and top 10 pages you viewed based on their content. It also provides a list of keywords of general topics you looked at during your browsing period. The information is arranged to depict clearly how relevant they are to you with your positive or negative sentiments. From there, data selfie provides a chart of analyzed info in percentile proportions with your big five personality traits. These dimensions are usually based on openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional range and finally extraversion.

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Getting an application that describes you is an awesome feature. To many people, they can use this as part of establishing their characters. Besides, it gives insights on your interest and where you spend much of your online time. Using these creepy tools is simple. Besides, they offer guaranteed privacy.