It Appears Like Sonos Has Discovered the Secret to A Great Sound Bar

It Appears Like Sonos Has Discovered the Secret to A Great Sound Bar

The Sonos company announced Playbase on Tuesday and noted that approximately 70 percent of flat-screen televisions in the United States are not wall mounted. This fact has led Sonos to the Sound bar, which is an acoustic epiphany they are currently selling. The wall mounted Playbar isn’t able to meet the requirements of many HDTV owners. Additionally, they were trying to design a new sound bar that shouldn’t be a bar only, but a platform. The Playbase is approximately 2.5 inches tall, and it thrills most users that finally someone has realized that it makes more sense to place the television on an external audio device top.

The Playbase Sound Bar By Sonos

To perfectly understand the reason behind the current sound bar speaker rise, you should be familiar with the laws of physics first. As televisions become increasingly thin, endowing them with decent sounds becomes even more difficult. Note that speakers are machines and blowing air is their basic job. With every depth reduction, the ability of the speaker to move vibrations is reduced. The fact that newer televisions are designed to have a few millimeters depth, it is almost impossible for them to produce sufficient auditory heft.

The problem with sound bars is that they do not work with just any television setup. Usually, they are wall-mounted, and this makes them perfect for individuals who have wall-mounted televisions. Contrary, they are not ideal for individuals who place their televisions on their media consoles top. Depending on both the shape and size of your television and media console, you might find out that there is no sufficient room for the two items. You’ve probably seen sound bars placed on floors or shoved awkwardly behind televisions.

Sound Bars

Going by the information provided by Sonos executives, this was the major inspiration that led to their new Playbase speaker. Their Playbase speaker is designed in a special way so that it can perfectly sit underneath televisions. This is vital because it helps reduce the surface space amount needed for proper setup. The new Playbase by Sonos was made public on Tuesday and is expected to be available globally starting from April 4. It is likely to cost roughly $699.


The new Playbase design is excellent and impressive at the same time. If traditional sound bars are designed to reduce the footprint of a speaker system, the Playbase is designed to make it disappear. Its 2.5 inches makes it easy to forget that it is there. Its minimalist design resembles a stone slab and does not have visible seams. According to the company, it had to cut approximately 43,000 tiny holes on the surface so that an acoustically transparent grill could be produced. This isn’t something you are likely to come across in a traditional speaker.

If you listen to movies and music on the Playbase, you will love what you hear. If you’ve experienced the company’s older Playbar sound bar, you will automatically feel the difference. The Playbase does a very good job when it comes to pulling dialogues out of busy audio mixes. Most importantly, it helps provide an even general balance. Sonos is equally billing its two products and pricing them the same. The major difference between the two products according to Sonos is form factor. While the Playbar is meant for wall mounting, the Playbase is designed to sit below a television. Sonos products are simply the best and work perfectly to create multi-room speaker setups that allow for various music streaming services. For a long time, Sonos has been viewed as the best speaker company. Moreover, the company also develops features including voice control and is looking to battle it out with other key players such as Apple, Google, and Amazon. According to Sonos, its products will still be excellent ten years from now. Instead of creating new products, the company opts to create additional features such as the room specific automatic audio calibration though over air software updates. This is one reason to recommend products by Sonos.


If you are looking to make your television sound better, you need Sonos products. The company likes creating amazing designs, and various features reveal that Sonos pays attention to every detail. The new Sonos sound bar is arguably the best product for most people. Besides sounding fantastic, it is easy to operate and setup compared to most other sound bars. Moreover, it offers a considerable amount of wireless connectivity making it a highly performing sound bar.

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The Playbase can comfortably handle 75-pound televisions; the body is made using a glass filled polycarbonate and includes a woofer. The Playbase minimalist design has approximately ten digital amplifiers, woofer, three tweeters and six mid range speakers. The speakers are properly arrayed behind the 43,000 individually drilled grill holes. The grill runs throughout the speaker width and curves on the corners. Sonos opted to turn the Playbase so that it faces down towards the base. It then built an S-shaped special chamber in an effort to manage air pressure behind the thumps of the woofer.

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