New Geofilters from Snapchat to Help You Identify Shops Around You

New Geofilters from Snapchat to Help You Identify Shops Around You

Snapchat is a platform that helps you talk with your relatives and friends easily. This is a place that you can also view live stories globally for information and entertainment. This is an application that helps you to discover more exciting places for your business growth. With this snapchat comes a great Geofilter which is a creative platform that is meant to capture places or what you are doing for other to see and identify a business opportunity.

What are Geofilters?

Geofilters are designs that are put on top of a photo or photos while you are in a specific place. This implies that you can create your own unique design and place on top of a photo while attaching it to a certain places like parks, hotels or restaurants, schools and beaches. These designs will appear on the photo after you have scrolled through the all other options available. These are location based designs, which can act like advertising strategies to an unknown restaurant, hotel or park. It helps other snapchat users know the existence of the pace, and they might get interested in visiting there. Snapchat has got its own special guidelines to be followed when you want to create your own geofilters on a certain place especially creating geofilters for public places. The geofilters then goes through an approval level before it is available to other snapchat users. This is a potential platform that businesses can use to increase their revenues as this will be advertising strategy for them to grow internationally.

How to Use a Snapchat?

How To Use A Snapchat

Snapchat is a platform that you can easily navigate and use it effectively through the following summarized tips:
1. Turn on Cool Feature in Your Phone Settings
You have to ensure that you have updated version of snapchat and if you don’t have download one from your Google play store. Then open the snapchat and on the tap on the icon on the top right for you to access manage icon which is found under additional services. This is a great step that helps you navigate through special features such as front facing flash, replay, filters, unique text and you can add the number of friends to appear on your screen.

2. Use of Unique Text
This is a form of text that helps you to create the size of the text you want to display your photo. It also helps you place an emoji on your photo to display a certain feeling or message.

3. Drawing with the Help of Secret Colors
This will help you draw your photo through selecting your favorite color when you slide the rainbow color bar. You can also choose to draw with transparent colors or using hidden colors for a snap of your choice.

4. Addition of Fun Filters
This allows you to add filters or other desired data labels to your photo. You are required to swipe to the left or right to see a sample of the desired filter before settling on one. You can choose any filter regarding your location, temperature, speed or time. There are black and white filters, sepia or saturated for a desired effect.

5. front facing flash
You can turn on the front facing flash when it is very dark, and you can’t take seeable photos. It helps lighten your screen and makes your photos bright enough to be seen as when you are in daylight.

6. Front Facing Camera
This is possible if you change your rear facing camera to front facing to enable you to take selfies. You are required to tap your screen two times to enable change of camera to front facing.

7. Replay a Snap
This is a feature that helps you replay a snap that you received within a period of one day. It is a feature that allows you to replay a snap that you viewed lately. You are required to tap on the snap you want to replay and receive a notification on your screen asking if you want to replay.

8. Going Through Stories
This is a feature that helps you go through stories faster other than waiting for next snap to come into view. You can do so by tapping on the screen to take you to the next snap.

9. Number of Friends to be Displayed.
With the use of the snapchat, you can change the number of friends to be displayed. This snapchat always displays three friends that you interact with them frequently on your send to an icon but you can still change this through an icon on the bottom of the icons displayed on your filters.


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This is a platform that helps in creating the awareness of a certain exciting place for the rest of the world to know. It helps you create snaps that along with its location, and it can be a platform that is used to advertise certain businesses or places. It is an easy platform to navigate through for creating your own desired geofilters.