Samsung’s New Advertisement “Love To The Core”: Sorry iPhone Lovers

Samsung’s New Advertisement “Love To The Core”: Sorry iPhone Lovers

Samsung has a tendency to allude to the Apple in earlier adverts; however, this particular advertisement will go directly for company’s jugular.

Entitled ‘Growing Up’ advertisement comes after an iPhone lover updating via iterations of the Apple’s phone, beginning in 2007, every time poking enjoyment at numerous restrictions what iPhones have.

Samsung tosses shade at deficiency of the usable storage space on iPhone 4 16GB, makes fun of iPhone 5S because of its ‘small’ 4” screen in comparison with 5.5” display screen of Galaxy Note 3.

Running to 2016, South Korean Technology Company gently ridicules Apple for staying behind this in inability to include waterproof to iPhone 6, whereas the Galaxy S7 Edge will endure a soak in drink without the need for the rice bath later on to dry this out.

Moving onto 2017, and the Samsung’s advertisement increases metaphorical eyebrow in Apple’s choice for dropping headphone jack along with iPhone 7, and this lagged right behind Galaxy S8 for providing wireless charging.

Finishing, advert’s iPhone enthusiast turns over to the Galaxy Note 8 and also wanders beyond the individuals queuing for the iPhone X trembling his head particularly at all of them in an extremely smug way.

This gist of advertisement is to show Samsung as the maker of the Smartphone that is one stage in front of Apple, although we mentioned that exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did not appear in advertisement.


This particular and most recent advertisement is simply the idea of iceberg in terms of fuelling the controversy between iOS and Android enthusiasts over which system is exceptional – and with launch of iPhone X, that controversy is guaranteed to kindle up with a few gusto on the upcoming weeks.

Samsung likes to make fun of Apple and the followers that get in line outside the stores to obtain the most recent iPhone.

While Galaxy S8 producer has not assaulted Apple exclusively for a few time, there is an extensive history to and from of courts as a result of the line of advertisements. Samsung is coming back to its strikes just soon enough for iPhone X.

The new commercial features the Apple vs. Samsung war, and performs greatly on that particular trope.

Samsung begins by making fun of iPhones running low on space in recent times, thanks a lot to Apple’s continuous use of the 16GB storage.

In the flashback to 2014, we notice Galaxy Note 3 along with 5.5” screen, and the Apple carrying on to make use of the “small” 4” panel for iPhone 5S. Again the year 2016 makes fun of water-resistant feature on Galaxy series, although the iPhone rests in a pan of rice.

On the other hand, 2017 is the actual year of iPhone dongle, having an absurd accessory (which Apple sells) employed to listen to and charge music all at once.

which apple sells

Known as “growing up,” commercial of Samsung notices the iPhone lover go for the Galaxy Note 8 because individuals get in line for the latest iPhone X along with top-level haircuts.

The overall concept is that the Samsung is usually one step in advance of the Apple in conditions of the hardware, something the Android fans will certainly be fast to speak about in almost any comment area on any site in the whole world.

The flurry of the spec comparison images will often go with the debates, with modest consideration for execution of the technologies described.

Apple vs. Samsung fanboy arguments are perfectly recorded which Microsoft laughed at the circumstance in the Windows Smartphone commercial a long time ago.

Exploding Galaxy Note-7 of Samsung had been the resource of numerous memes, and after this Samsung followers have ammunition through the company.

Take pleasure in Samsung’s newest contribution, however, do not allow YouTube videos fill up the whole iPhone X display simply if you skip slightly.

What exactly has the Samsung’s advertising team already been up to the aftermath of iPhone X launch? Sheer brilliance that is exactly what.

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Even though you are the diehard user of iPhone, you cannot help but offer props to the Samsung particularly for their most recent anti-iPhone advertisement that efficiently and expertly handles to poke fun at the storage problems of iPhone, the iPhone’s historical absence of waterproof, iPhone 7 is missing the headphone jack port, iPhone X has controversial notch style, and a lot more.

That is an amazing feat for the advertisement that is simply 60 seconds long. Thanks for reading this amazing post. I know you enjoyed this. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comment box below.