Prisma App to Add Video Editing Feature Coming Soon

Prisma App to Add Video Editing Feature Coming Soon

This is a photograph modifying application whose features resemble those of popular apps of the same category. This app is meant to assist the technologically challenged android phone users capture and edit photographs and images as they see fit. Users can customize or edit photos to the tune of the styles of famous artists such as Picasso and Levitan. Turning captured images into fine sources of inspiration has never been made such easier.

The Application’s Basic Concept

This application allows users to modify an array of mill photos and transform them into artistic ‘real life’ piece of work that looks similar in every aspect to the photograph captured. To achieve this mind blowing attribute, the application manufacturer, Prisma Labs has employed filters with special and sophisticated algorithms that provide a painting services to the captured image or photo. It uses a cloud infrastructure technology to manage all the edits besides providing users with access to the applications key features.

Photo and Video editing Features

This application boasts of software that provides video editing capabilities that works on the historically similar basic steps that previous video editing applications have always used. The server capability of this software necessary to handle videos is more sophisticated and complex as compared to that required to handle static images. This ranks the app as one of the top video editing software of this generation besides others such as photo editor and adobe Photoshop. This application’s simplified video editing function is what distinguishes it from other video editing applications that exist in the market. This is also coupled with the fact that it uses artificial intelligence to process its photos; this is to say that it manages the effects it applies to each and every photo differently and in a unique way through adaptation from the constant usage of filters over an iterated sequence of steps and patterns.

How to use the Application

Prisma Application
This application can edit both life captured images as well as downloaded or pre stored images just like most photo editing applications. Once installed in the android handset mobile phone or even tablets, click on its icon to launch it. Having a good angle of the capture and contrast between the image and the handset camera is the key to quality images. Choose on filter from the drop down list after tapping the shutter button and allow it time to work its magic on the captured image. You can choose to apply effects on the processed image if you so desire then finally select a location to store the image or you can just share it directly across the many social platforms. Amongst the many effects that the user can choose from include Red head, light summer and composition and of course you wouldn’t know by just reading about them, instead you should try them; play around with them till you find the best effect that suits your personal preference and touch.

To edit an already existing image, just tap on the thumbnail at the bottom right corner of the screens application interface and identify the image you want to apply filtering to and the entire process for filtering, effects application and saving are just the same as already mentioned above.

Image processing

The application has over forty filter effects that can be applied to a single photo and of course the results will be subject to the object being captured as well as the lighting atmosphere. Some filters produce better results than others based on these factors. Another important feature to note is that the processing is done on cloud on Prisma Lab’s team servers contrary to what normally happens with most image processing applications where that process occurs on the user’s device.

Neural networks processing come in handy in the image processing step. It is a process that generates final images from blank canvas by the use of double data entries.

Bonus Features

Prisma Bonus Features
Additional attributes to this new image and video editing application includes filter suggestion and intensive user engagement. The filter suggestion technique works by suggesting the optimum filters, by default, of a particular captured image. This is better than having the user keep trying the filters one by one till the entire list of forty filters has been checked.

As for user engagement, this application has enhanced through one of its major attribute of simplicity. As opposed to other applications of similar kinds where users had to spend hours with them to create complete desired images, in this app you only need to capture the photograph, select the filter type and wait for the results.

The watermark or logo that appears at the bottom of captured images is not necessarily a feature but a marketing strategy. Since this app is new in the market, Prisma Lab Inc uses this strategy to market the product through instagram and other social networks. Fortunately this feature can be turned off by the user if they do not fancy it.


Prisma application is still in its younger stages in the android app business. Considering the above mentioned features, it is worth trying out. Users are to expect some glitches’ and unprecedented notifications but this is no cause for alarm as the company is working round the clock to provide a work around these issues. The application must be connected to the internet to use its cloud services.

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