PiQ Robot Wearable – Facts You Should Know

PiQ Robot Wearable – Facts You Should Know

PiQ Robot Blue, as it is sometimes called, is a smart device developed specifically for professional boxers and those who love the sport in general. Boxing is an involving sport that plays around with certain attributes of the human body namely strength, agility, endurance, power and stamina. Most professional boxers posses these attributes courtesy on the countless hours they spend in the gym as well as in the ring most importantly, thanks to their trainers who direct their efforts towards their attainment. What of the amateur or novice boxer? Acquisition of these attributes can become challenging particularly considering the fact that there is no standard rating scale against which each of them can be measured as a contributor to a complete and all round boxer. This is where this wearable comes in handy.


The PiQ Robot Blue is like a wrist smartwatch worn over the wrists during practice sessions or even during live competitive matches. It records statistics relevant to the boxer in question and with this information the trainer of the boxer or more specifically, the boxer himself, can use the information to gauge progress, development and most importantly areas of improvement. This wearable can measure the punch of the boxer or wearer in question, the strength of the punch, the intensity of the boxer’s punch or punches as well as the general boxing performance. In addition to that, it can also record the impact of the punch, the punching speed, the maximum number of punches you can do per given time span and the retraction speed of the arms upon delivering a punch. These data is collected and analyzed by Global Artificial Intelligence Analyzer (GAIA) into more meaningful information that can be of significance to the boxer.
PiQ Capabilities


This wearable is made with quality equipments; it contains an altimeter and a gyroscope. In addition to that, it features a pair of accelerometers powered by M4 processors. Each of these devices can collect close to 200,000 points of data every 60 seconds These data can be analyzed in a way that depicts with absolute accuracy, all the attributes of a punch and as such offer areas of improvement. The watch goes for $79 and is expected to hit the market by February this year.

GAIA Technology

The Global Artificial Intelligence Analyzer technology punches delivered in a boxing session. It is the first of its kind featured in a wearable device and the only one at that. This technology uses sophisticated algorithms that can breakdown the attributes of a punch (or punches) with absolute effectiveness and accuracy. Just like in weight lifting, if you are used to one type of exercise routine or weight, the body will adapt to it to the point where no significant improvement will be made with continuous and subsequent routines. In boxing, the same concept applies; if you are used to doing one particular type of punch for instance, the power and the strength of the punch will remain the same regardless of the number of times you do it. However, with this type of technology, you can learn a different technique of delivering the same type of punch but with more power and strength. GAIA provides valuable information as far as improving the overall performance of a boxer is concerned.

Merits of PiQ Wearable

Merits of PiQ Wearable

Like most wearables, PiQ Robot Blue also comes with a plethora of its own advantages ranging from improving boxing performance to ease of usability not to mention, making life easier. In this case, it simplifies boxing life. The most obvious advantage of this wearable is that it can analyze and recommend methods and areas of improvement as far as your boxing punch is concerned. Many aspiring boxers have targets that keep them motivated in their passion for boxing but unfortunately not many know the means to attain those targets. This wearable can analyze a punch and recommend changes for a more efficient better punch that can subdue the opponent, in the case of competitive matches. It can illustrate how to move the arm in a way that not only improves boxing power but also the agility of the boxer in question. The device can also display real time boxing data on a projected screen for those who want to note their progress in-session. This is possible via its Bluetooth capability that enables it to synchronize with other similar devices.

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Boxing as a sport couldn’t have been made any better. If you can a training ‘manual’ then this wearable is surely the way to go even though it can be argued that it cannot replace real life human trainers, at least not entirely. Nevertheless, PiQ Robot Blue is a worthy investment not only for aspiring boxers but professional boxers as well. It gives the user that winning and tactical advantage in the ring against the opponent; assuming the opponent does not use similar training tactics. In any case, it gives boxers all the relevant information about their bodies and performance and is up to them to utilize that advantage for tactical advantage in a match setting. This is where personal trainers can also become handy; both the trainer and the wearable can be useful assets to a developing boxer if only the he or she utilizes both simultaneously.