Solve Your Rainy Days Problem With A One-Touch Umbrella

Solve Your Rainy Days Problem With A One-Touch Umbrella

How many times did it happen to you that you go out on a rainy day to buy something, take an umbrella, and yet, get back home soaking wet? It happens to me a lot, and it annoys me! I even bought a huge umbrella last time when I was in Greece. It looks cool, but it isn’t practical at all. Yes, it seems kind of elegant, when it’s raining, and I open it, it looks huge, but it doesn’t always do the trick. Yet I find a way to get my jacket wet, not that much but still pretty wet.

That umbrella pretty much looks like a beach umbrella. That’s all you need to know about its weight.

So, while I was angry about how impractical umbrellas are and how I desperately need a car, I found something new on the internet, a solution.

In this article, I will be talking about a One-Touch Umbrella, or E-Motion.

How does this Umbrella Look Like? What is it Actually?

First of all, I cannot explain to you how grateful I am for this innovation. We live in the era of technology. Literally everything we have and everything we are used to doing has changed, or in other words, everything has evolved, improved. Some things didn’t need further improvement, so with their enhancement nothing good was done, however, there are things that are craving for it.

I feel like people forgot about some products that we are using every single day! I don’t quite get it how. Vacuum cleaners stopped evolving, lawnmowers stopped evolving, not to mention umbrellas who didn’t even start evolving. So many stuff that we desperately need and we are stuck with their old prototypes.

If you compare computers, mobile phones with any of these you would actually see the gap that has been made. However, things seem to be changing with this innovation.

E-Motion is a new umbrella on the market. I believe that it will take it by storm (nice choice of words, right?) and that in a couple of months, everyone would already have one.

What Is It Actually

Here is how it looks and how it functions:

  • Eight panels
  • Handle Material – Rubber Coated
  • Shape of the handle – Straight
  • Arc – 46’’
  • Closed Length – 14’’
  • Shaft – Electrostatic Black Steel
  • Cover for one – Teflon Technology – Fiberglass

The way it works is pretty simple. Literally everyone can use it. There is no need for a manual.

On the handle of the umbrella there are two buttons. One (upper arrow), will open an umbrella with a mere push of that button. The other (down arrow) will, of course, close it. And it’s all motorized. Looks and sounds pretty cool.

What this will do is help you open an umbrella when your hands are full. Let’s say you have a cup of coffee in one hand and some kind of a bag in the other hand. It would be pretty hard to open a regular umbrella. In those situations I get mad pretty fast because I don’t know what to do first. However, this isn’t a regular um-brella! Your time will be saved as well as your clothes and hair. Earlier, you had to use to hands, now, only one hand is needed for opening an umbrella.

Pretty cool if you ask me! It certainly feels like it came out of a James Bond movie. All it needs are rocket missiles and you are ready to go for recon.

All jokes aside, let’s return to the main story. E-Motion umbrella opens and closes in one smooth motion, completely on its own!

There is only one thing that may or may not represent a down side to this. You have to charge it!

It is motorized so it needs power in order to work. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t last only a few hours just like these new Android phones do. One charge of this bad boy will last for months!

You can even travel with it, just remember to carry the included adapter with you. It is made to be practical, it isn’t that heavy and it isn’t huge. You can carry it anywhere! So, on top of all of those features I would like to add its design. It has a Teflon coating and sturdy fiberglass ribs. Right now, there is only one color of this um-brella on the market, but pretty soon I believe, there will be more. However this color, black, seems like a perfect fit.

Umbrella or a Gadget?

Umbrella Or A Gadget

With all that being said, this umbrella doesn’t really feel like an umbrella. It feels more like a gadget.

It costs from $100 to $150, making it the most expensive umbrella ever! Is it worth it? Well, I would say so.

Maybe the price should be a little bit lower, but hey, we can’t do anything there! Buying this umbrella will mean that you are secure when it comes to umbrellas for at least 2 years. I used to buy umbrellas every month. They pretty much lasted three or four big storms. Or I forgot them in a café, but hey, that’s another story.

So yes, if you are wondering if this gadget is going to last and worth your money, it definitely will. No need for another umbrella anytime soon. Just make sure not to forget it somewhere like I do.


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Shed Rain, a company that made this umbrella, really did an awesome job. The way it looks feels, and functions seems perfect. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that they will make an update on its features. Who knows what could come next! But hey, one thing I know for sure, I need this umbrella! I will put it to good use and look at it like it’s an anger management doctor.
There we go, everything there is to know about this new, fantastic product. All that is left is for you to test it for yourself.