Facebook Mobile App is Now Equipped With AI Technology

Facebook Mobile App is Now Equipped With AI Technology

Facebook have modified the recent update of mobile app, and equipped it with artificial intelligence technology making the users happy and more satisfied with it. The AI technology will enable timely advanced style transfer of video effects. This great technological advancement have been developed by a recent deep learning software company by the name Caffe2go. These modifications have enabled blue social media to the AI software size, enabling it to be able to edit videos according to the way you want them to be. This will greatly satisfy the users and make them use the app often.

The New Incredible Options Offered by the new AI Technology

According to Engadget, Caffe2go was first flaunted by Facebook last month, and it brought some impacts to the new camera that is made in Europe with a limited release. When you are processing the live video, you need at least a PC which is well equipped. Facebook explained how the company managed to come up with an AI processing software as an app in some of the smartphones, which is faster six times more than a blink of an eye. Facebook social platform have also explained how the AI technology in the mobile apps have made it possible to have incredible options like using expressions as facial recognition, ability to modify a selfie picture by adding more different filters, and many more features that will enable the user to have a cool way to communicate.

New ways in which users can use to Express Themselves

Facebook User
The company said that the computer will be able to see the area in which you are pointing and work on various commands to make them active. This is an advanced technological advancement, which is enabling gestures to control different activities. The gesture-based control is able to make some automatic actions like adding a yay filter when you are taking a selfie. Facebook have made a statement explaining how the new AI technology by Caffe2go will provide a new way in which people will be explaining themselves. Facebook said that according to International Business Times, AI field has made the world to grow. Facebook latest technology have made research into reality, with a breakthrough in platforms, infrastructure, and tools that enable any of the Facebook users to use the advanced AI technology on how they want.

Training Versus Execution

There are two stages of operating a neural network. First, Google trains or a company like Facebook is designed to fit a particular task like machine installation or recognizing an image. Facebook may teach a neural network on recognizing goats, by feeding the system with many goats’ photos. Then, a user is expected to execute neural network by feeding the system with a different photo. The system will be able to recognize that the photo is different from the previous ones. This will execute the neural network, without calling the data entry. The new app offers limited memory and processing power. Facebook have reduced neural network complexity that is used to transform a photo into Picasso. A selected team has made a new software piece, specially designed to execute neural networks on the mobile app. This app has made it possible to modify videos in real time without any delay. Neural execution has improved the speed at which the smart app takes to modify the video.

Beyond Picasso

Beyond Picasso
This technological advancement will bring evolution as the makers of smartphones and other devices are trying to embrace the AI. Companies like Google and Facebook have pushed neural networks on smartphones and many other devices, making them create hardware on those gadgets that will enhance them to run neural networks at a greater speed. This will lead to companies coming up with more complex apps, hence an evolution in AI and the smart apps. The filter will enable modification of videos and pictures, meeting your desires.

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Artificial intelligence has made more advanced apps with special features that are going to suit the user up to their level of satisfaction. The app is great and has increased the speed at which a video is modified into a more pleasant and desirable way. This will enable you to send videos on time and deliver effectively as you wish. Facebook is evolving at a faster rate and it has improved the level of interaction between its users. The advanced app will even allow you to use gestures and pictures to control different activities. Facebook have embraced technology and it is working to come up with more advanced apps to make the users feel happy and great.