You Can Finally Print Your Pet’s Photos Onto Your Nails

You Can Finally Print Your Pet’s Photos Onto Your Nails

Women are usually fond of make-up, nail-art, as well as looking for simple methods to accomplish all that things. O’2Nails happens to be a little intelligent gadget, the nail-art expert you might be trying to find up now. It is basically your residence nail-art specialist. Presently there is no requirement for spending a great deal of time just on accomplishing nail-art and also pay beauty specialists every time you need the nail art.

Essentially, O’2Nails is usually a little nail-art gear that prints any layout on the nails. Also, you may print out any layout in any shade either on the synthetic nails or even natural nails. This facilitates hand-printed function, digital camera pictures, and internet images. This prints along with the colored ink as well as can make your nail vibrant.

We loved just how this small gadget may link to the mobile application wherever we had been capable of choosing the selection of customizable and mixed designs and patterns. It is an effective gadget simply because one particular cartridge may currently print you above 700-800 nails.

Essentially, we noticed that it did not include any problems on set up many thanks to the manual’s comprehensive guidebook. We mentioned that this had been simple to utilize as this has the Wi-Fi connectivity too.

We had been excited along with this specific nail printer as the mobile on-display directions happen to be really concise and clear. The small image display icons seem to be simple to comprehend, therefore we valued that it had been made very intuitive as well as needed a brief learning curve.

Also, we examined it upon twenty different individuals’ fingernails, and also it functioned truly well although a little slower because this might just print on 1 nail each time. That little hassle paled compared to exactly how the Wi-Fi printing made the work convenient and easier.

This worked well correctly for regarding 6 hours of constant printing prior to the machine began to create a humorous whirring sound. Also, we allow it relaxes a little, and also as soon as this cooled down, this printed in an identical way it does previously.

How To Utilize This O’2Nails?

For executing nail art via O’2Nails here you need to stick to the directions supplied by the company training. The company training features different modules concerning machine maintenance, procedure of the nail painting as well as O’2Nails app accessible on the official site of O’2Nails. The entire process consists of different ways:

  • Base Gel: This serves as the base coating for the printing as well as executes the bonding function just for print out.
  • Color Gel: Right after using base gel, the color gel might be used.
  • Pre-Print Coating: This is used to create print crystal clear as well as ought to be used prior to printing just for a transparent nail- art.
  • The Nail Mask: The Nail Mask happens to be used around nails for protecting skin right from the printing pattern upon the skin.
  • The Pattern Printing: The Pattern printing happens to be carried out through placing finger inside the machine as well as choosing nail-art design from the mobile phone linked to the gadget.
  • The Prime Seal Gel: This is utilized to protect and seal almost all layers in addition to create the particular pattern much more shinning.

Usually, O’2Nails additionally offers three hours training period in case you purchase the machine. The Organization has an extensive online training program for purchasers as well as claims to create their clients nail art experts just in three hours of time period.


Features Of O’2Nails

Fast: the O’2Nails application has 70 percent quicker nail-art stamping procedure than regular nail-art. This requires just thirty-five seconds for printing almost any design on artificial or natural nail and also saves a great deal of time.

  • Tiny in Dimension: The device is usually easy transporting and also little in size.
  • Safe: This specific nail printer happens to be examined a number of occasions and the materials are more secure for human usage.
  • Warranty: The Company offers a long-term guarantee for gadget that is regarding 5 to10 years together with cost-free repair support for a year in case product is usually not unnaturally broken.


  • Hassle-free to open the particular mobile app as well as printed away
  • Sturdy and Sleek
  • Fast response time


  • A few claimed that they encountered ink smears upon their nails when printing
  • Beginning with the printing had been sluggish

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In case, you have an interest in purchasing O’2Nails, then you may order the gadget at the official site of ’O2Nails as well as download the particular mobile app of O’2Nails. In future, you will find digital hair-dressers and also electronic make-up specialists as well, consumer just need to choose a photo from the mobile phone and then all set to go for a party.

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