New Version of The Humanoid Robot: Atlas Robot

New Version of The Humanoid Robot: Atlas Robot

We live in an age where new technologies have revolutionized the world. AI is the talk of the moment and engineers are trying to program a technology which will put the whole world in awe. There has been a lot of work done in the field of robotics all around the globe. The Japanese have made upgrades to their models and many other countries such as the United States are also not far behind in developing a state-of-the-art technology.

Google’s Humanoid Robotics

Google’s humanoid robotics team has introduced a tech that will dumbfound you. It’s elegant, it’s agile and it’s innovative. All the previous models of this robot don’t even come close to this upgrade. This is truly something different. This new version of the humanoid robot is quite impressive.

New and Improved

New and improved Robot
This new version of the robot is untethered whereas in the previous years, the Alphabet owned group presented a model which had wiring. The introduction of wireless technology is a massive upgrade. We all know how a model running on wires feels so ancient. For a twenty-first century technology which is the talk of the hour, it is only befitting that it is has an energy source which is far more superior to batteries.

Agility plays an important role when it comes to operating a humanoid robot. If the robot weighs a lot then it will be slow and it will not provide the performance which is expected from it. On the other hand, using a material which could substantially make a difference to the weight of the robot could increase it functionality. The previous model weighed a massive 330 pounds and it was six feet tall. This year, both those attributes have been reduced to ensure better performance. The humanoid robot is 5 feet and 9 inches tall and it weighs just a mere 330 pounds. Well, for humans, that might be a lot but considering a technology which is made from a metal and not flesh, that’s quite something isn’t it?

There are many videos on the Internet which show how advanced a technology this is. It is adept for both outdoor and indoor adventures. If, in the imminent future you need someone to accompany you to the woods, then you have a friend in this robot. However, if you want a robot in your house to do the chores for you, then this will be a serious humiliation to this tech. Maybe in the future when the AI will take over the world, then you’ll be the first one to resent your actions. I am of course joking or am I? I am not certain about this myself but there’s always a possibility.

What about the Features?

New Features Robot
It has sensors in the body and legs for certain maneuvers. Consider, you hit it with a stick and while on its way on to the ground, it will adjust its posture and balance its legs to minimize damage to its body just like humans respond to different situations. It’s pretty nice? Isn’t it.

Moreover, there are some additional features too. LIDAR and stereo sensors have been incorporated in its head which help it to navigate through different locations. These features also help it to avoid certain dangers in the wild.

This whole project was funded by the advanced research projects agency (DARPA) and it produced some productive results. They have almost completely redesigned this version of their humanoid robot except the legs and presented us with a much better and effective model.

To make this robot even cooler, this humanoid robot was also taught the art of karate and it responded quite beautifully to the whole learning process.

More Great Features

This version of the robot is a big leap in field of robotics. It is quieter and more stable and stronger. The material used in making this robot is more durable and lightweight which is quite beneficial to the user. It is being considered in military operations but there are many things which need to be thought of beforehand before this model is mobilized in the field. Whatever the situation maybe, this anthropomorphic machine has brought us ever so closer to a revolution in the field of robotics and technology.

To Conclude

This a huge step in robotics field in general. Many new features were added and I am not talking just about the physical appearance. It is lightweight, which helps it to move easier and there are many other fields where this robot can be put to good use. This is just the beginning, who knows what else we can expect trough out the years that lie ahead. Without a doubt this is a new era for robotics and some new and unrevealed things are yet to be discovered.

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