Tech Tats; the New Generation Wearables

Tech Tats; the New Generation Wearables

Advancing technology and discoveries are taking the next generation by storm. Innovations from the simple devices used initially to the current smart technologies cannot be stopped. Wearable tech has encroached and won the market in all dimensions. However, technology experts are looking into getting wearable tech become invincible. Needless to say, some of the devices with invincible status are already out in the market. Implantables, Invisibles, and ingestibles are the current trends.

These forms of technology are supported by various benefits. Their light weight nature and cheap to produce are just but a few factors enhancing their productions. Just to mention, stick-ons for babies and athletes are already in use. Having mentioned this, highlighted below are some of the tech tats concepts, prototypes and research project with exciting ideas that have been brought forward.

The Metallic, Near Field Communication Temporary Tattoo

It is a project by the MIT’s Labs and the Microsoft Research teams. Also named as Tattio, it is an invisible tech advancement still in its prototype stages. This level technology uses conductive fabric type and curvy wires that imitate the gold leaf metal. Just like the tech tat, it is planted in the body in the form of a temporary tattoo. This equipment has various features including the provision of digital identity among others. It can also mimic the functionality of smartwatches and heat sensations. To add on this, the whole system is unimaginably cheap, retailing at $1.50.
Temporary Tattoo

The Alcohol Monitoring Temp Tattoo

This is a recent tattoo-technological innovation from the University of California. This specific equipment is designed to measure blood alcohol levels in the body in a quick, non-invasive and inexpensive method. This replaces the common technique involving finger pricking or use of breathalyzers which could be manipulated. The sensations are possible through a series of coding and sensor activations that combine currents and sensors. Sweat on the skin is used to measure alcohol concentration by relaying information to the sensors attached to the flexible electronic board. The signals can then be relayed to a smartphone through Bluetooth. Though this device is still in its research stage, it is certainly an awesome feature.

The Fitness Tracking Temp Tattoo

This is a biowearable tech device that can monitor the heart rate and various vital signs. This feature has an immense application on the training and fitness industry currently. So to say, this item, from the Austin-based experts, The Chaotic Moon, is a futuristic tech tat that uses electro-conducive ink to monitor the users’ conditions. Soldiers on the battlefield and patients that need to be constantly monitored are great beneficiaries of this project.

Facial Expressions Reading Temporary Tattoo

Currently, nearly every bodily movement can be used for different purposes. Facial expressions can be tapped by a stick-on nanotechechnology tattoo that is connected to a carbon conductor with a conductive polymer that is capable of reading and detecting the wearer’s facial expressions. This is made possible by analyzing various electrical signals received from the muscles. Researchers, advertisers, and pollsters are among the beneficiaries of this invention. Medically, this invention can be used to measure the muscle activity of patients recovering from brain damage or stroke. This tech device is already in use in the Tel Aviv Medical Center where it is used to monitor patients with neurogenerative diseases.

The Functioning of Tech Tats

Functioning of Tech Tats
As highlighted before, tech tats bring an interim option to the implantable technology. With the leading company in these innovations being The Chaotic Moon, a lot is expected. The company is responsible for the formulation of various removable biosensor wearables with a complicated circuit that is fixed in the body in the form of a temporary tattoo. So to say, the future of these devices is viewed to be in diagnostics and other priceless automation.

The tech tat circuit features an extremely thin circuit board comprised of crisscrossing chips and sensors attached to the skin. A major supporting factor for its use is that they stick out less compared to other wearable technology and fitness trackers. They can also be placed under the cover of a simple clothing due to discretion purposes. The brain of the whole system is an ATiny 85 microcontroller that is fixed to the tattoos circuitry. This makes it possible for the system to detect temperature, light sensations, vital signs including heart rates, blood pressures and breathing rates.

Tech Tats transmit any collected data to a Bluetooth-connected mobile device enabling easy monitoring. Hospitals and private doctors are among the big beneficiaries of these technological innovations. This could be in the form of preventive care or continuing patient care. The world of finance can also immensely benefit from these devices. Financial transactions can be made in a more secure and faster way. This could be through simply tapping your wrist to make a payment in the supermarket or other forms. The security sector, especially in the airports and other strictly guarded areas, can also make use of this invention.


The world of technology has an unpredictable future. With every dawn, new concepts are introduced into the market. The latest being these futuristic tech tattoos which will eventually pave way to the implantables, ingestibles, and injectables. These devices are making the world a global market with various benefits. They have also improved various sectors with their affordable rates. With this, tattoos are currently not only for aesthetic purposes but also a form of technology.