Nabufit – Facts About this Global Online Health and Fitness App

Nabufit – Facts About this Global Online Health and Fitness App

Nabufit is a recently developed training portal that came into existence as a result of collaboration between world-renowned athletes, professional trainers, and international health professionals. It is a fitness app that has a unique interactive function which allows you to get real advice on how to enhance your workout from world class sports personalities like Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr.

The Nabufit app can be accessed via the Appstore on iOS devices or PlayStore for Android. There have been over 100,000 downloads of the app from these platforms since it launched on the 17th of July 2016. E-mail support for users is also available via nabufit website.

International sports personalities that have partnered with Nabufit since the launch include Neymar Jr., former table-tennis pro Michael Maze and former Manchester United FC goalie Peter Schmeichel. According to the app’s creators we should expect more sports personalities to get on board in the near future.

In order to use Nabufit all you have to do is run the app, pick your choice of training routine that you prefer and make adjustments to it based on how your body reacts. This allows for progress monitoring since adjustments will be made based on your level of fitness and skill.

The training programs in Nafubit accentuate high intensity interval training. However, the app gives you the option of choosing from a variety of workouts ranging from working kettlebells to running and strength workouts.

The app is also cost effective as it is available for free as is the content within it during the introductory duration. After the introductory period elapses you will be needed to pay a fee for the health and fitness enhancement service.

Features of Nabufit

Features of Nabufit
This fitness app comes off as a user driven concept that is continuously improving its features. Currently there are quite a number of highlights on the app that include selecting between cardio, strength, senior fitness and kettlebell workouts as well as many more. There is also the benefit of instructional videos of the exercises in the app which include workouts that are validated by trainers and fitness experts.

The app doesn’t limit itself to either equipment based workouts or bodyweight workouts since both are available in it bundled in alongside nutrition plans. Accessibility to the app on your TV is also possible through Airplay.

The Nabufit app works by offering access to recommended workouts that sports professionals apply globally. For a clearer perspective on its operations, say you were interested in a kettlebell workout at this moment; all you would do is get on the app and find a kettlebell workout that’s certified by a true fitness professional.

The workouts on the fitness platform vary based on length and the intensity. The shortest you can take is a 10 minute high intensity interval training exercise in case you don’t have time for a lengthy workout.

And since exercising is only half of the battle in regards to good fitness, the app also provides users with a meal plan.

The Creators of Nabufit

Creators of Nabufit
The app is developed by American outfit Nabufit Global Inc which had partnered with Nabufit Global ApS before taking over the latter and making it a subsidiary under Nabufit Global. The European firm is headquartered in Denmark

The business has been around since the early 90s but it has only ventured into the app market recently. It claims to be committed towards developing a state-of-the-art fitness portal and mobile app to all connections to current and future fitness tracking devices such as wearables.

Neymar Jr. signed a deal with Nabufit in the summer of 2016 and his appearances on the app start this December. The Brazilian professional soccer player who is only 24 years old is expected to be the star attraction for the app to grow in terms of appeal in the market especially in his native South America.


Nabufit is available for free during an introductory period which is followed by monthly payment of around $1.19 to $1.89.

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Nabufit is a physical wellness app that’s new to the saturated market. The app is currently attracting a following through fans from sports superstar Neymar and followers of Danish athletics. It offers a variety of training programs ranging from short ten minute routines to extended cardio and kettlebell workouts. Since the physical exercises on offer are developed by professional sports trainers and physiotherapy experts alongside professional athletes, the app is expected to gain ground in the fitness and health tech market.