Are You Ready For The Magpie Smart Global GPS Tracker?

Are You Ready For The Magpie Smart Global GPS Tracker?

There is no arguing that we live in a world of convenience. So much so, that we take a lot of everyday things for granted. A prime example is we no longer have to study maps or read directions on how to get to where we want to go because our GPS will do the work for us. There is a very different type of GPS that is hitting the market and it’s called the Magpie GPS Tracker.

What Does the Magpie GPS Tracker Do?

This is a device that has been designed for individuals to wear so their whereabouts can be tracked at any given time. This is, provided, they keep it on themselves.

Why Does the World Need a Magpie GPS Tracker?

This is a question that could easily be answered by numerous people. Moms who have a little one that they have taken to the Mall and the child has wandered off will tell you how valuable Magpie would have been for them. There is nothing more frightening than to turn around and your little one is nowhere to be found. Then ask some of the families that have loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. These individuals suffering from this disease often get confused and can easily get lost even when in surroundings they are familiar with. Just in these two circumstances alone, being able to track someone wearing the Magpie GPS Tracker would be an enormous stress reliever both for the lost individual and those that are frantically looking for them.

Why does the world need a magpie gps tracker?

Up until now, people that want to avoid these situations have been relying on giving the kids or older adults cell phones. This is really not a great solution. Even though a Smartphone may be able to be tracked, it can take time to do this and quite a hassle.

How Does the Magpie GPS Tracker Work?

To be able to access the benefits and features of the Magpie an interested person there is an option to take out a GPS worldwide tracking membership that allows connection to the device. There are two advantages to this. One is that it increases the accuracy of the device, and secondly it is very cost effective.

It has a quality 6 month battery life and once the battery is drained, it can easily be charged with the included charger.

The Technology of the Magpie

The tracker consists of a small square where a button has been placed on top of it. This button activates the tracking signal. It is easy to clip onto any piece of clothing that is being worn, and it can easily be carried in the user’s pocket.

The Technology Of The Magpie

To get the Magpie ready for use, it starts first with a connection setup. This means downloading the app, so it will be in sync with a Smartphone. Once this is done the button on top of the tracker is pushed. Now the user is ready to wear it and is able to be tracked. If the wearer of Magpie is lost, then all they have to do is press the button and the app will send an alert. If the alert happens to be sent to a phone where the silent setting has been activated, that’s no problem. Magpie has the ability to override the silent mode and emit the alert.

This is such a simple device to operate that it makes it ideal for the little ones and the senior both of which can be easily taught how to activate Magpie should they become lost.


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How to Buy Magpie GPS Trackers?

This is such a new product that as yet it is not available on the open market, but it is available for early bird purchasing at Kickstarter at the following prices….

  • One unit with clip will cost you $5. ( and up)
  • Two units including chargers and clips will cost you $25. (and up)
  • One unit with clip and charger plus a free subscription for twelve months costs $49 (an up)
  • Three units with chargers and clips cost $145. (and up)
  • Five units with chargers and clips cost $239. (and up)
  • Ten units with chargers and clips cost $478. (and up)
  • Twenty units with chargers and clips cost $956. (and up)

Any of these options will also give you a month long subscription free. If you are interested in ordering a Magpie then if you do so now at Kickstarter and then you can expect to receive it by February 2018.