Slim And Modular Wi-Fi Home Security Camera By Logitech

Slim And Modular Wi-Fi Home Security Camera By Logitech

Logitech are known makers of computer accessory who come up with seemingly ever king of imaginable products. It is giving its Logi Circle home Wi-Fi connected security camera a full overhaul. This home connected security camera is meant to be smaller and modular than its original circle camera. The original Circle security camera created by the company received Mashable Choice award for this simple and thoughtful designed gadget, have easy but potent features and have beautiful app. The circle 2 gadget is available in wired and it is sold at $179 while its wireless model is sold at $199. These two models are known to push those ideas over the top.

The Difference Between Circle 2 And Original Circle Camera

1. The circle 2 home connected security camera is a whole smaller than the original circle camera. The original ball shaped is gone and it has been replaced with a slimmer structure. The older look appeared more like an apple-ish.

2. The circle 2 camera is a waterproof gadget that is meant to work both outdoors and indoors. These improvements will help you place the camera at your own area of choice to even monitor outside environment. It is not fixed on the house only and thus helps you monitor a wider range than being limited to particular place.

3. The circle 2 camera has a lens field of 180 degrees as compared to the original camera which has 135 degrees. This is an improvement to the camera for better performance.


4. The circle 2 has no motorized pivoted requirement as compared to other Wi-Fi security cams including the original version.

5. It is a security camera that is has a modular design as this is a feature which helps you mount your camera in different that would have not been possible or too challenging with the previous version. Logitech has created this design to serve the needs of their users because they have been asking them for a way to mount the original camera is different locations.

If you wish to mount circle 2 camera on to your window so that it is able to record outside, you are required to attach the window mount which is sold at $39.00 only. This window mount is responsible for combating glare through disabling the infrared sensor and utilize the night mode so that it works for better low light capture.

If you want to mount it on a lower ground so that you can monitor your pets you are advised to buy a new plug mount at $29 only. Though these mounts makes you incur some extra cost but it also gives the Circle 2 camera with the modular system gives you the flexibility to change locations as you wish.

5. The circle 2 camera requires you to buy weatherproof extension kit which is sold at $29.00 only. This kit extends the camera’s cables by fifteen feet and contains a protective cover for power adapter so that it works outside the house effective.

6. This circle 2 camera has a rechargeable battery that is capable of lasting for up to three months. This helps the camera works effectively making it a reliable gadget for your own use.

7. It is a camera that has digital assistant integration so that you can program it for its own pop smart buttons. It also has its own voice commands that obtain through Amazon’s Alexa to help you do simple things such as turning off or on, starting a live chart, name few things or starting new recording.

Similarities Between Circle 2 And Original Circle Camera

Similarities Between Circle 2 And Original Circle Camera

1. Video capture resolution for the two cameras is full HD 1080p (1920 by 1080). It could have been a great thing to get a bump of up to 4K resolution that enables further digital enhancements.

2. The circle 2 camera comes with the same excellent twenty hours of free encrypted cloud storage that you can use to create awesome day briefs timeplaces. And if you required more storage, you are required to pay extra of $3.99 only for a period of fourteen days or pay $9.99 only for use of thirty one days. The $9.99 is known to have some more powerful extras which include personal detection and motion zones.


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Monitoring your house is important for your own safety. That is why there have been security cameras that helps you monitor your house or outside the house for your own good reasons. Depending on your needs and your ability, you can choose to purchase the Circle 2 home security camera or other cameras available in the market. Each camera has distinct features, design, app and prices to help you satisfy your needs as you wish. Choose a camera that guarantees you results through its effectiveness and reliability so that you do not buy a camera that requires you to charge every now and then and therefore does not perform its required function reliably. There are also other cameras that use Amazon’s Alexa abilities to help it be effective.