How to Sleep Better Using Today’s Technology?

How to Sleep Better Using Today’s Technology?

Sleep is an essential element in our everyday life. It is during this period of time that many of our organs rest and await to get back to work. Some of the organs such as the heart don’t stop to rest but its rate and capability are slowed down for them to rest to a certain level. Without sleep, many of your organs would shut down and die. Therefore, it is fundamental to ensure that you have enough sleep at all times. This is why technology has taken a step ahead of us and developed unique technologies when it comes to sleep aid. These assist in ensuring that you have a good night or day sleep before going back to your daily activities.

Ostrich Pillow

This is just one of the wearable technologies pertinent as it is a sleeping aid. The name associated with the appearance it has once the user wears it as the head props up craning your neck. The design was not as interesting and its use was not as convenient and comfortable as depicted on the advert. Therefore, the manufacturers sought to make the design right and increase comfort in its use especially if travelling.

Ostrich Pillow Go

Ostrich Pillow Go
This is a wearable travel pillow designed using a memory form designed to offer a soft, smooth and convenient head support when sleeping on a journey. The pillow offers a solution to the pillows provided when travelling in a plain, a bus or a train. This is mainly because the pillow has a unique fastening mechanism that uses magnets to make adjustments. The Ostrich Pillow Go is worn and wrapped around the neck and adjusted using the magnets until it is a perfect fit before fastening it. The Ostrich Pillow Go offers head support, neck support and ensures you don’t arrive at your destination with a sore neck.

Sleep Tracking Devices

Sleep is a fundamental element in any individual’s health and fitness program. Fitness and health technologies play a huge role in ensuring you have better sleep as part of your fitness program and or schedule. Using the technology as a way to measure or monitor our sleep, in the same way that we monitor our calories, heart rates, steps taken etc. the better we can sleep and the better the improvement on personal or individual health status. Today, these devices have increased and their capabilities are so advanced such that they can monitor record and analyze your sleeping data without wearing them.
Sleep Tracking Devices

How Sleep Tracking Devices Work?

The Sleep Tracking Devices work by monitoring, recording, analyzing and offering feedback periodically, continuous or as specified by the user. The devices record your heart rate, body movement when sleeping, check the time and specify the stage of sleep you are in and automatically or as specified connect with your smartphone or other devices holding a companion app. The data collected is sent to the app where it is analyzed. The app measures your sleep using the elements, indicates where you should improve, and offers tips on the same

The S+ Device

This is an essential device and is described as one of the best wearable devices when it comes to monitoring your sleep. The device is said to efficient, effective, collects all the essential data, and uses it to come up with suggestions to improve i.e. increasing sleeping time to ensure better results the next time. The S+ Device collects data based on the different stages that an individual sleeps through. It measures the following elements:

  • Breathing rate and pattern
  • Physical movements
  • Records amount of light
  • The amount of noise in the room or outside
  • The temperature of the room
  • Age
  • Gender

Age and gender are essential in providing with the estimated values pertaining to sleep. The averages are then used to measure sleeping patterns, sleep deprivation and satisfaction for different age groups and or different genders. Similar to other devices, it offers customized feedbacks and proper suggestions on how to improve on your sleeping habits.
 the estimated values pertaining to sleep

Increasing Sleeping Time

Sometimes, all you need is to eliminate that extra cup of coffee that you take on a daily basis. If you reduce coffee intake and substitute it with a bit of alcohol, it is said that you can increase the amount of time your sleep. In addition, you can improve on your sleeping by ensuring you have better beddings and ensuring they are clean at all times. However, drinking is advised against it so eliminating coffee and better beddings will ensure you have at least sixteen more minutes for your sleep on a daily basis. This improves your sleep making it better and more relaxing.



A debate in regards to how long a person should sleep has been on the table for a long time. Some say 4 hours, 5,6,8 10 hours etc. Many say around 7 hours is enough but it is true that many of us sleep for 3-6 hours a day. This can have grave side effects such as unwanted accidents. Therefore, ensure you have a proper night sleep before you embark in your daily activities.