Google Earth VR – a Complete New Experience

Google Earth VR – a Complete New Experience

Google earth VR is a new amazing new app that gives the user a new amazing experience when one interacts with it using HTC vive. In the steam VR store, this app is offered as a free download. It commences by giving the user a touring experience around the globe. The user visits major locations in the world using this app. All that one needs to get Google earth VR up and running is a primer. With an HTC vive controller the user drags his way through major world destinations that they had only visited in their dreams and written books. One gets 3D Google earth view making these tours real and fascinating. Destinations ranging from the pick of MT Everest to the far poles of the earth, pulling the trigger makes the user feel and stroll the globe like a village.

The app will look familiar to those who have used Google earth mappings applications in the past. Zooming with the app makes you get finer details of the places you are visiting. This makes it a complete contrast of the existing gaming applications in the market. Though the display system is a bit limited, it is utilized to the maximum therefore gives the user the best view ever.

Google earth VR

How Google Earth VR works?

If for example you would want to fly over the Sharm El-Sheikh beach of Egypt, you fly high above the planet. The earth is then commanded to move around using vive wands. Using one button, you zoom closer to have a better view. Using the other button, you grab the earth and reorient the earth as you would wish. Use this movement to spin the earth towards Africa and then to Egypt and eventually to the shores of Red sea, in the resort capital Sharm El-sheikh. When you are close enough hit the perspective shift trigger. You will get a great view like a bird hovering lowly over the beach or better than a person flying in a jetpack over a city.

A few more taps on the app makes you be about two meters off the ground at the beach. The fun does not end there as a few more taps makes you land and walk around the beach. The 3D feature of the app makes you explore and interact with this world destination of the best divers. The reefs of the sea can be clearly seen with the sophisticated view of this app. The crystal clear waters of the sea make you enjoy the tour couple with the strolls of the wide beaches on this shore. You get the chance of visiting the Sharm El-maya beach, which is one of the coolest beaches in the world with a great natural shade.

3D feature Set

Stand Out Qualities

Google Earth VR has features that attract users and makes them enjoy it for as long as they are using it. When spinning and warping in nearby environs, the user gets great views. The vive wand is used as a pointer and is used to grab in the transformation to nearby locations. While doing this, the view shrinks to a small periscope view until the movements are settled. One can grab and move the earth quickly for it is also easy to halt the movements. Movements are therefore controlled and not jerky swimmy motions. The demo of the app may not be as great as the real app so it should not be used in wholesome to judge it’s perfection.

Coordinates of most visited destinations are displayed on the menu interface of the app. This makes it easy for new users to visit these destinations. This makes them visit several locations within a short time. Coordinates of major cities especially in America are readily available.

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There has been discontent in some of the users who feel some of the features of the app are not up to standard. One of the complaints that stand out in these complains is the fuzzy textures that make some of the best real life destinations look like they have been extracted from an N64 game. Squishy geometry at times makes the accuracy of the real things compromised thus making the whole view horrible. These views may, therefore, be deceptive and may not give a real reflection of the real locations. This app also has coordinates of major cities alone thus retracing your village destination may take a huge chunk using HTC vive of your time. Cities outside America are also hard to trace as the geometry of these cities is not well rendered.