Google Allo Lost Popularity in the Smartphones Market

Google Allo Lost Popularity in the Smartphones Market

Social media has always been a boost for many companies. This results from the entertainment features and the conversational platforms that are awarded the users. However, popularity isn’t a guarantee and many people tend to take advantage of that. Google Allo has seen its popularity go down in the largest market for smartphones and other technological devices around the world i.e. India. This has still been the trend despite their marketing strategies that I would term as aggressive as compared to other platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Google Allo

This is a messaging platform that instantly sends messages to your friends and loved ones similar to WhatsApp and Facebook. There is a significant difference between this specific platform and the others evidenced the use of artificial intelligence in the app. The artificial intelligence is one to offer smart moves or replies when chatting or messaging your friends on the platform. If making dinner and other meal plans, it is there to offer a suggestion, indicate the nearest preferred diner or restaurant and ensures that messaging is fun with the addition of stickers.
Google Allo Chat

Trial Run

Google launched the app in India as a test run being the largest market in the world. It released and unveiled the app in India before doing the same for the rest of the world. Their aim being to introduce a simple yet a better experience of using a messaging platform compared to the current platforms in the world today. However, as time goes, these efforts seem fruitless and are not working out as anticipated.


The app’s performance is measured in regards to the number of users and or download times over a specific period of time. According to Sensor Tower, Facebook and WhatsApp continue to lead in these areas. WhatsApp having the most downloads with over 58 million downloads on Play Store and 3.2 million on App Store. It is closely followed by Facebook with over 33 million on play store and 1.7 million on Apple store and Google Allo taking the third position with around 3.1 million downloads on Google Store and 264,000 downloads on Apple store.


Designs and Offers

It seems the instant messaging app platform is saturated and people prefer the already known platforms than trying new ones. Google has not lost hope as of yet evidenced by the marketing strategies that they have taken up. Well, it is a first to see Google marketing using comedies and trying to break and enter the saturated market. They have even added the Hindi Language to the app to ensure more comfortability and ease of use, stickers designed to be specifically for the Indian people but nothing has made it see a bump but a gradual decline in the 5 months it’s been in operation.

Future Marketing Strategies

Google has to make the most difficult decisions and take some steps that it has not been taking due to its worldwide popularity that does not seem to work for this specific app. By doing so, they have to create inroads and target a very specific market if they are to keep up the app and measure up to the competition. Some of this has already been seen through the stand-up comedy in India called the Backchod and advertising stands in cafes restaurants etc. these adverts are led to indicate the features, benefits and the resulting impact of using Google Allo app and instant messaging platform.

Future Marketing Strategies

Target Market
Settled personalities and others with the same feeling or occupation may be hard to change their instant messaging platforms. This is mainly because they are already established and want nothing to disrupt their normal life. However, young people are prone to change and welcome and even embrace it from time to time. Also, those who are starting out in their professional life are more prone to searching for new and potential premiums that are more users friendly, which is what Google Allo is banking on. Fulay indicates that Google is concentrating on selling to this target market. He says that the young generation has a tendency to explore, discover and try out new things for making memories and new experiences.

The current objective that Google has is to make people want to try out their instant messaging app. With trying, they are sure that people will grow to love and like it. Google Allo is the future of chatting and messaging with friends, family and or even colleagues. However, the market has been quite hard to penetrate presenting complex and stiff competition brought on by already established platforms.

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It is true that Facebook and Whatsapp are taking the lead in the instant messaging arena. However, Google Allo offers uniqueness and freshness of having your replies forecasted and being offered a smart reply to make others laugh and or enjoy the conversation as much as possible. This is not available in the other apps and or platforms making it essential to try out. It is the hope of Google that people try out the app and if they fall for it and like the experience associated, then they will definitely be up to using the app on a more permanent basis.