Facebook To Start Ranking Faster Loading Webpages In Its News Feed

Facebook To Start Ranking Faster Loading Webpages In Its News Feed

Your Facebook News Feed will soon look different as it is anticipated that the new update will be able to rank higher the webpages that load faster so that it can provide you with relevant stories to read.

This will make browsing experience to be more fun and enjoyable on the News Feed.

Facebook has announced that it is going to roll out the update in the coming months. The mobile app will help to show users additional stories that are capable of loading faster and thus, push those stories that they take a longer time to load down in the feed.

This will give relevant stories that you will be able to spend your precious time reading them for your own good.

The Impact Of The Changes

The Impact Of The Changes
The changes to the News Feed will help in increasing distribution of links to more faster loading pages. It also increases the distribution of those who use their own Instant Article set-up.

The instant Article set-up is known to be designed so that it makes the reading of new stories through facebook enjoyable and fun experience for those who use mobile.

This is possible through stripping out the extraneous code which can bog your mobile website pages down. It also places limits on the number of the advertisement that they can display as well as other things that can be displayed while you open a link.

This format has not been adopted universally by publishers as some feel that it decreases their own ability to generate required revenue from their sites. However, Instant Article set-up users get a boost by using the News Feed for their own good.

The Factors That Were Considered For This Update

The Factors That Were Considered For This Update
The company had into account some factors that will make sure that you are able to see relevant stories faster. These factors are:

  • Type of your device – the type of your phone that you are using matters.
  • Mobile network – it is helpful in increasing the speed at which the stories are being loaded. The Strong mobile network will help load stories faster, and weak mobile will take long for stories to load.
  • Wi-Fi connection – this also helps in speeding the process by which your stories are loading. The stronger the Wi-Fi, the faster the process of loading the stories and if the Wi-Fi is weak then it will slow down the rate at which your stories are loading.

However, if the user is on a slow internet connection which is not loading his videos, then his Facebook News Feed will be able to show fewer videos as well as showing more status updates or more links instead.

The app will also be able to help in prefetching stories so that those with the slow network can load stories faster.

This implies that mobile content can be downloaded before you click the link and the stories will be prefetched depending on the probability that you will click on a link in your mobile News Feed. If the prediction scores and measures to the specific requirement, then the first HTML file will be downloaded when the link will appear on your phone’s screen.

The content of the link will be cashed locally for a short time on your device.

Reasons For This Update

Reasons For This Update
Facebook has been heavily focused on boosting the experience of its users. The company has launched a messenger platform 2.1 which has new features that will make it easy for you to speak directly with the brands so that you create a more personal experience.

Through updating the algorithm for your News Feed, the company anticipates finding solution for those individuals whore are bothered with clicking the link that can lead to slow loading of a page.

The update will be rolled out gradually over next few months. This will also allow publishers to make some important adjustment as they make use and benefit from the new app.

However, it will not cause major changes in the distribution for pages while slow websites could be able to see a decrease in the referral traffic.

The Disadvantages Of This Update

The Disadvantages Of This Update
This update will affect negatively those pages that have links which load more slowly.

There is also no mention of instant articles by Facebook’s blog post despite the known connection between the Facebook’s speedier mobile web set-up and the desire to boost the distribution of the links pointing to quick websites.

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The update is expected to benefit many people as there will be an increase in distribution of the links as well as a decrease of use of those pages that load slowly.
This update will be rolled out gradually so that publishers will have time to adjust and make use of the new update.

According to the company, the time that it takes for a webpage to load is estimated when you click in the News Feed found in the Facebook mobile app.

The company will also take account of factors such as the network connection speed, Wi-Fi connection and the type of your device.