Christmas Smart Home Technology that Will Make the Event Wonderful

Christmas Smart Home Technology that Will Make the Event Wonderful

The United States residents will celebrate the Christmas event, which usually involves bringing friends and family members together and it is climaxed with sharing a festive dinner. Some of the visitors are the long-time friends whom you have stayed for a quite a lengthy time before meeting and you would like to have quality time with them. However, you might find yourself held up in busy activities that will steal your time that you would have used to interact with your visitors. Modern technologies have come up with recent innovations to help make your visitors more comfortable and enable you spend quality time with your loved ones.

Upgraded Entertainment Systems

Keeping your guests entertained will make them feel the warmth of welcome in your place, and even make them more comfortable as they wait for the peak of event which is usually completed with a dinner. LG B6 television will help to distract the pigskin celebrants and make them busy during food preparations. This OLED resolution television will provide you with quality crisp picture, to make you enjoy and remain entertained.

The LG B6 is an innovative smart television, naturally equipped with abilities to allow for web browsing through latest operating system. This will enable users to have access of all games through online streaming services, and check latest news and scores of their favourite sport. You can also use a smartphone app to control the music system in your compound and keep the guests entertained.

Control the Pies on your Smartphone App

pies on your smartphone app
Preparing Christmas dinners requires devotion and a lot of attention to make something worth sharing with your loved ones. This usually leads to imprisonment of some people, who spend most of their time in kitchen and lack quality time to interact with others. ProCombi plus Smart Oven is an advanced innovation from Germany Electrolux arm. This intelligent oven is equipped with camera that is fitted in the handle of the door to enable streamlining of live video to your selected device. This will enable you to enjoy your guests comfort as you keep watch of what is cooking. The oven functioning can be controlled from your tablet or smart phone using My AEG app. A simple finger swipe on the app will keep the pie burning and effectively save the Christmas. This will save you more time and help you interact well and feel the warmth of the guests without the fear of how things are going on in the kitchen.

Paying for the Caloric Cost

During dinner, there is intake of calories and smashed potatoes. Peloton will serve you with educative information of how to get rid of more calories that you consumed. Compact-exer cycle and the cutting edge provide spin classes to all rooms in your home, reaching educative information to your guests. This workout equipment is well reviewed and Wi-Fi enabled to enable it offer more than 10 live classes every day and video library classes of varying style, classes and difficulty. Peloton features analytics to help you track the time taken to work off mashed potatoes. Live video enhances more practical application.

Pantelligent Smart Pan

Pantelligent smart pan
Pantelligent smart cooking pan features Bluetooth connection and temperature sensor in the handle. It is designed that when you fry something in this pan, there is connection with your smart phone via pantelligent app and Bluetooth. The app allows you to have a close monitoring on what you are cooking and provide instructions step by step like when you are supposed to add oil and when is the right time to turn your steak. It also provides you with recipes on how to start preparing meals. This leads to easier preparation of meals without skipping some important ingredients.

Williams-sonoma Kitchen Stand

It is an attractive tablet mobile device, usually placed in the centre of your kitchen. This gadget prevents you from the risk of messy ingredients and provides you with recipe or live videos. It also features Bluetooth speaker base for better listening of music while on kitchen.

Williams-sonoma kitchen stand


Christmas event can be boring if the guests don’t feel the warmth of welcome and comfort in your homestead. Smart technology has come up with ways to keep your guests entertained and minimize the time spent in preparing meals. The smart technology in the kitchen will prevent engaging people to spend all their Christmas time in the kitchen busy preparing meals. This will help maximise the quality time used to interact with the loved ones. With the recent technology of an app in your phone, you will be able to control a keep an eye on what is happening in your homestead during the event.