Apple Completely Overhauls the Music App in IOS 8.4 Beta

Apple Completely Overhauls the Music App in IOS 8.4 Beta

There have been lots of news about Apple lately. They are making a watch, new updates for their systems, new iPad mini design and so on. They have been completely revamping both their image and their products, including both the hardware and software part of them.

Apple and Their Image

Why are they renewing their image? I don’t know the answer for this question for sure, but I got an idea. What if Apple has got itself in quite a competition in the last years? They not only had high competition in the information technology, but now new competitors have arrived on the scene in the area of consumer electronics too. Just like in Game of Thrones (hope you are watching it). There was only one king, no claimants at the beginning of the series, however, later in the series more competition have arrived. This happened to Apple too, since Apple is sitting on the Iron Throne.

So, what to do when there’s hard competition in something, but you are the most popular? The best option here is to improve customer satisfaction by developing new products and updates for the current ones. This will make end users feel more satisfied since they will think that their favorite company is caring about them, and let’s say, it seems to be true. We don’t know it for sure, however, we can see that this is what Apple has been doing in the past 2 years. They have released a new iPhone 6 (and 6 plus), which is not even close in look to its predecessors. This has been a huge improvement since they have kept the same design for years.

Apple Completely Overhauls the Music App in IOS 8.4 Beta

Another answer for the image renewal is that several customers have gotten tired of the lack of updates. For example, let’s see the most popular brand of the company, the iPhone. iPhone has been the first real smartphone on the market, which has become pretty popular when the iPhone 3G was released. It was a huge leap in the company’s history since they have acquired so many fans and loyal customers at that time, that they have reached a worldwide record with that. No company has done this or was even close doing. It was a pretty great accomplishment. But what happened after that? They have released the faster and better iPhone 3GS, which was a huge success too along with the 4 series. However, when the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S has been released, many people were getting pretty disappointed in the brand, since those phones didn’t come with big updates, they were only minor rehashes of the previous versions. So what those groups of people do? They have chosen other companies to buy their smartphones from. Apple had to do something, that’s why they are making customer satisfaction their first priority.

The Update On Music In The IOS 8.4 Beta

Apple seem to have a big patch for the music apps in the IOS 8.4 Beta. This update will completely revamp the company’s Music apps. The interface will look like this: Apple will merge the two music applications, Beats and iTunes together making the final application more comprehensive, exciting and easier to use.

Of course, the question is still there, which is: Is this useful for end users? Is this worth the hassle? Will it be better or worse for the customers? We don’t really know since we haven’t tested the application, however, with the information we have, it seems pretty promising. The idea is great, I always liked 2 and 3 in 1 applications. Why? They are easier to use, don’t need to open thousands of programs to get done what I want.

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There has been a Mini Player added with the update. This will show what you are playing, even when you are browsing your library at the moment. Custom images can be added to the playlists and you can also describe your playlists as you would like to. This seems to be a copy of Spotify’s functions, however, if this makes customers more satisfied with their products, it’s completely fine. I always encourage people to be more creative though, don’t really like copies, but this one will worth it!

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