Finally a Smartphone that can Bend, but not Break

Finally a Smartphone that can Bend, but not Break

Well, if you thought that technology development was over on our smartphones, you are so wrong. Each and every year, new things keep coming up. New developments which we never thought possible. Giants like Samsung and Apple have released some amazing phones this year and also in 2015 and yet more is still to come as the development era is far from over. Even though our smartphones have practically or can practically solve each and everything for us, they have not been able to effectively solve some problems which let’s face it, happen more than often. What am I talking about? Broken screens. Most of us have probably had one or more broken screens. The feeling is super annoying because even if you have the latest smartphone in the market, a broken screen always looks bad and can probably say a lot about you, anyway back to the important stuff. Imagine you had a phone which could never really break. One which you would never have to protect all the time due to its fragile mode. Well, meet the smartphone that cannot break but can bend.

This is not really a new concept as we may have come across before. Big technology giants like Samsung had showed off a model of a bendable phone back in 2013 in Las Vegas. Other companies like Nokia had also showed a prototype back in 2011 which they referred to as kinetic. What am trying to say is that these concepts have been there before. Promises have actually been made before by some of the top leading companies of developing the bendable phone.

The only problem is that, up to now, no one has released the phone so we really don’t know exactly what could have happened. However, not to worry as the concept has been brought back again by a Canadian company. The model was introduced by Vertegaal whose research was apparently funded by the Canadian government. Vertegaal claims that this aspect could take up to 3 years to actually conceptualize or to actually be released into the market. The model was introduced and apparently the phone is supposed to work just like a book. When you hold a book and then decide to bend, what actually happens is that the pages tend to flip. The phone will work the same way, once it is bend, the pages of the phone will flip and the more the bending, the faster the pages flip hence you can be able to work on a couple of things all at once.

So How Exactly will The Phone be of Use to Us?

The phone will probably have a plastic screen and with the ability to bend, breaking of screens will no longer be an issue so that is one situation that has been solved. It will also be useful for the drivers on the road as we all know how scary or dangerous it can get to use your phone while on the road. That would be another issue that would have been solved. For the game addicts, this phone could be a dream come true as now playing games would be much better with a phone that can bend. The phone would definitely carry with it some great benefits if and when it is released. The phone is said to be shatterproof and hence will not break.

The phone will also be pretty much lightweight and very portable due to its plastic screen. The phone would also be durable and very long-lasting so you can say bye to constant replacement of phones. This technology is a very enhance type of technology and researchers have spent close to 12 years to conceptualize it or to reach where they have reached now. Even though other companies have tried before and failed to deliver, this is the first time where the idea has come so close to conceptualization and have given back home to the consumers. When the idea of the phone is made possible and is released, researchers claim that developers will be able to produce the phone very fast and on top of that, produce it in very large numbers. The phone will use the same technology that is used on bendable TV’s. The phone is also said to have a very high resolution and wireless capability.


Even though the phone has not yet been released, once again there is some hope of the idea becoming a reality. As of how much the phone will go for is not known. We can only hope that the phone will be affordable.

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