Latest Robot From Toyota Is Gentle & A Friend For Paralyzed Veteran

Latest Robot From Toyota Is Gentle & A Friend For Paralyzed Veteran

This is a robot that is designed to help you perform chores in your house as you perform other tasks or it can be used to help someone that cannot undertake his or her tasks due to health issues.

The Reason Toyota Had In Designing This Robot

For about 10 years ago, the U.S war in the Afghanistan hiked and the Army Ranger called Romulo Camargo was shot in his neck when the troop he was in was attacked during the humanitarian mission. Romulo Camargo was then left paralyzed from the neck down; therefore, he struggles each day with his daily tasks, which many people take them for granted. This lead to Toyota Company giving him print size and one armed human support robot to help him with the performance of the tasks. It is clear that this company has completed its in-home test for the human support robot while with Camargo. This is a robot that helps people with disabilities perform basic yet very important tasks for them to move on well as they wish.

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It is a product that is helpful for disabled and elder people for them to perform the basics tasks. The company manufacturing this human support robot is based in Japan where there is high aging population as its population is aging faster than in other countries in the world. The manufacturing company is planning to showcase this robot during NASCAR Coke 400 pre-race in Daytona Beach, Florida.

About This Robot

It is a human support robot that is three foot tall and weighs about 81 pounds. It is designed in that it can be a home companion and ensure that you don’t feel disadvantaged. It is useful in helping you do very basic things such as grabbing the food from the pantry and delivering to you as well as the opening door for you. This robot has the capability of stretching its body over the foot so that the single and its telescoping arm reach out deliberately as its onboard intellect recognizes objects. The vacuum pads are useful in helping the robot to grab anything such as a pencil, water bottle or a doorknob.

About human support robot

This human support robot is known to move autonomously at 5 mph around your home, but you can also control it using your smartphone. It has 3 primary means:

  • Pick-up through its gripper that pulls out from its body.
  • Fetch which is helpful in responding to the voice commands
  • Manual control for operating the robot.

At its top, this robot has a screen which is smaller in size where someone who connects to it through Skype will appear.

It is a device that joins other human assistant and Toyota home robots such as wearable brace and WelWalk which are known to move a person from his or her bed to a place where he can sit or move them to the toilet.
It is a robot that is short and is a blend of black and white and it is relatively nondescript though it has a voice, face or of sorts. Its wide angle camera that looks like a nose and stereo camera eyes look in the direction of the tasks or it can look in your direction. The robotic voice in the robot responds to the voice commands such as opening the door.

It is a robot that is known to run for about 3 hours on a charge though the manufacturer for this device claims that it can recharge itself. It is designed to be of help to those individuals who have disabilities or those elderly people who need assistance for performing the basic things. It is a robot whose price is not yet known because the company is making it consider it as an on-going research project and thus has not set a price for it.

Unique Feature For This Robot

Unique Feature For This Robot

  • Robotic Voice – The voice helps in responding to the voice commands like open the door for the robot to execute tasks.
  • Battery – Its battery can run on a charge for three hours though the manufacturer claims that it can recharge itself.
  • Small Screen – This is where anyone who connects to it through Skype can appear.
  • Move at 5 MPH – The robot can move at 5 mph though you can also control it through your smartphone.
  • Vacuum Grip Pads – They help the robot to grab anything from a water bottle, doorknob or a pencil to perform tasks.


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This is a human support robot that is of help to the aged people or those with disabilities. It helps them through performing basic activities like an opening door for them or may help move them from the bed to the toilet. It is a significant device that ensures that disabled people find life meaningful as it makes performing of tasks fast without having to bother others. It has a battery that can help it rum for hours and therefore you can rely on it. It is a device that can respond to voice commands making it more reliable and you can also Skype with other people making your social life more fun and interesting as you were.