The Top 20 Technological Failures that Can Be Termed as Successful

The Top 20 Technological Failures that Can Be Termed as Successful

With technological advancement i.e. each of these that occurs, there are a ton of failures that have been made. Successful products are based on designs, sketches and ground works that have been improved on over time. In the technological industry, there are many devices, machineries or ideas that were implemented but at the very end failed. However, the failures resulted in better and successful projects and therefore, they can be termed as the successful failures in technology. Here are the top 20 of these successful failures.

1. Napster

This technology gave way to the launching of file sharing and digital tunes. Also, it promoted the adoption of blueprints for the different technicalities that could not be imagined before the technology was idealized. It failed as a result of switching to subscription issues, which led to bankruptcy and definitely unfathomed failure.

2. Blackberry

It was an iconic phone that forms the base of iPhones and any other smartphone in the market. They had the ability to receive, send and share emails, information through the internet. However, it has failed to take up the current advancements and integrate them into their phones resulting in decline in sales.

3. AOL

It was a social network that allowed people to interact using messaging platforms. It was the first service provider for internet services in America. Also, it worked similar to Google and Facebook as startups. Withincreased ISPs and faster connectivity undermined its functionality resulting in failure.

4. Palm Pilot

It was the first digital device small enough to carry around and fit information in it successfully. It sold millions but when Apple joined the industry after Microsoft invested in it, the Palm was pushed to its limit with the competition. It still exists but they haven’t been able to upgrade to services and devices like the iPhones.

5. Betamax

It forms the basis of binary platforms that have been developed and currently available in the world today. It can be said to have been better off than the VHS, which later beat it at its own game due to poor marketing strategies or moves.

6. GM EV- 1

GM EV- 1
Ever thought of where the idea for electric cars, or artificially sufficient vehicles came from? The GM EV-1 is base for this invention or advancement. Their production was welcomed but the producers scrapped the program. Today, the market is still there especially for the EV renaissance vehicles being manufactured.

7. Netscape

This was an internet browser whose manufacturers were in a legal suit with Microsoft. Netscape won but lost their browser suit but sold off to AOL.

8. Windows 8

This software resulted in the removal of the start button that was viewed as iconic for windows. It was suitable for tablets but failed exponentially when it was put to use to laptops and other computers such as desktops.

9. MySpace

This is one of the most successful social platforms especially in creating online profiles and following through. That was back in 2006 but currently, it has been outdone by other platforms including Instagram etc.

10. Alta Vista

Alta Vista
This formed the groundwork on which Google was designed and transformed the search world. It thrived before Google joined the industry and Alta vista lost its touch, people neglected it and its management left it to dry.

11. Google Glass

The launch of this device was one that created a buzz all around the globe. The device was shelved later due to its discreteness especially when recording, which in some cases was breaching individual space and personal privacy.

12. Dream Cast

This is a generational game that came in a generation too soon in 1999. It failed due to coming in too soon and being developed as a response to the hype that surrounded it.

13.Motorola ROKR E1

This was the first of its kind to have its own music jukebox and integrated with Apple’s iTunes. It failed due to the phones limited storage space and capacity but formed a perfect base for future inventions.

14. Segway


This was a personalized scooter that was designed to move and change direction by leaning towards the desired direction. Its use has been redirected to cops in malls, campuses etc.

15. QR Codes

It is used to identify different objects instead of typing a full URL, which can be tedious. The idea however, is still taking root in other countries.

16. Pebble

It introduced smartphones into the industry before it was overtaken by Samsung and Apple especially in the development of third party applications.

17. The Daily

It introduced digitized newspapers to the world with pictures, images or graphics and embedded videos among other features for the readers.

18. Map Quest

Map Quest

This introduced the map feature allowing the internet to direct you towards your desired destination. However, MapQuest has become redundant especially with the availability of Apple and Google Maps

19. Virtual Boy

This developed virtual and formed a base on which virtual reality was discovered. It is now being used in virtual reality headsets.

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20. TiVo

It was the first company to produce set top boxes around the world and still has the best around the world today. However, with competition and introduction of DVRs it has lost its market share.