Pulse: Twitch’s Very Own News Feed for Its Gamers

Pulse: Twitch’s Very Own News Feed for Its Gamers

Media always has a simplified yet influencing capability to the public and all the people in general. The passage of time has seen the development and growth of social media, which has continued to increase in popularity and usage. Today, people go to social media to find out what is cooking and the continuation of every single activity. In addition, many of these social media platforms promote users ability to influence others through a following. This is the same functionality that Twitch has introduced to its users using the Pulse Feature.

Pulse: What it is?

Pulse in an in-house social streaming platform for the Twitch gamers, introduced to ensure better engagements, following, and entertainment features. The streaming feature has been developed to collect and ensure a better real-time feeds and news for all the gamers. It provides a chance and an opportunity to acquire news from each and every one you know or follow in a real-time exchange especially the social occurrences and happenings they post.

Pulse is not just a simple feature, but one of the most complex available. Its functionality is one that is similar to Twitter yet different in regards to the real time delivery of information that is currently happening on those that you follow. In addition, it allows not only text messages but is also available for other applications such as YouTube, Vimeo, GYcat, Imgur and many others. The Pulse is also available for use on the Twitch Mobile application as well.

Pulse: How it Works?

Pulse Work
Pulse works by ensuring that the posted news appears on the followers broadcast pages or front pages in real time. I tend to imagine that real time means as you type or post the message, others can read through your sentences or see the loading sign indicating something is just about to pop up even before you finish and hit the send button. Imagine posting a snippet or a joke that appears on your follower’s front page even before you send it? How cool is that?

Engagement Boost

The Pulse feature promotes an entertainment feature that allows followers to communicate and or engage in conversations on a real time basis. In addition, if following a specific broadcast, you acquire real time information, and you are able to create your own posts based on the information provided. All you have to do is check your front page and follow relevant dashboards or channel feeds to be updated on the latest social happenings around the world.

Difference between Pulse and Channel Feed

Pulse can be said to be a social media platform that allows Twitch gamers to acquire real time information on the social occurrences and happenings around the world. In addition, it promotes engagements and interactions ensuring you can post what you think, upload and interesting or funny video and shares it with others and much more. However, the channel feed is meant for official news and other major events occurring in the world or in any gathering at any specific time. It also offers real time information but is more of a news channel than a social media platform. Furthermore, those aiming to use the platform use the channel feed to acquire relevant information to post for their followers on Pulse from the Channel Feed.

Pulse: Objective/ Goals

The objectives that led to the development of this new feature promotes easier engagements for followers of people or personalities using the Twitch platform. Pulse offers a simplified method of interacting with one’s followers and the other Twitch community using the front page of the platform. It offers a way to share and upload highlights of the day, share clips and or videos, prepares schedules and offers simple alerts and notifications, uploads and share photos with followers. Its general objectives can be summed as ensuring proper connections between users of the Pulse and Twitch in general, ensuring better informed users as time passes and increase engagements as the day goes.


Pulse Future

In the past, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. provided the Twitch users with the platforms needed to stream ensuring that people were engaged. However, Pulse simplifies the engagements and interactions by ensuring that you are able to see in real time what other people are doing in between the streaming periods. You as the user have now been provided with an easier and simple way to socialize, inform and connect with your followers as broadcasters. This will ensure that you shop the right tools to keep your followers engaged and in identifying your broadcast as the best in reference to real time news compared to others.

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Information is a special commodity that is valued by many around the world. As a matter of fact, people join platforms such as Twitch and subscribe to platforms such as Pulse to acquire the latest news and events happening around the world. Therefore, providing the best way to ensure that the people are engaged and duly informed as anything happens is the objective of every platform. Pulse has just beaten the others in their own game. Be sure to subscribe and use Pulse for your daily engagements.