iPhone 8 Advance Orders Can Start September 2017

iPhone 8 Advance Orders Can Start September 2017

Apple Company usually has a culture of releasing new gadgets to the market in September every year. This company is anticipating to release its newest iPhone 8 handset during a well-recognized event in September this year. This new handset will be available for ordering in advance firstly and its delivery is anticipated to be effective some weeks soon after. This is so because of the high technology that comes with the handset, which is expected to take more time for it to get ready. The main challenge that this gadget is facing is related to its 3D sensing technology as revealed by White research.

Manufacturer Claims about iPhone 8

This is a highly revolutionized iPhone that is expected to be immunized with quality features. Its manufacturer is already planning to build a handset that utilizes the highest technology. It will be a gadget that utilizes wireless charging system though the wireless charging system will be sold separately from the handset. This is will be the newest sensation which helps you browse at high speed. This is a handset that is expected to have eliminated home button for easier navigation through its 5.5 inch touch screen where all the applications are displayed.

Manufacturer Claims About Iphone 8

Unique Features about iPhone 8

This is a new handset that is expected to have the following features:

1. Battery Power
It contains non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. This is a long lasting battery that is inbuilt as you do not need to remove it. It is expected to last for a period of one week of daily use. This will help you save time for daily charging as well as helping you use your phone even when power will be off.

2. Camera
It is expected to have autofocus camera, which is able to take live photos. It will utilize optical stabilization for better focus of the image. It has a touch focus to capture the image and it has a face or smile detection to help you take pictures of your choice. The main camera is made up of 16 mega pixels for clear and beautiful pictures. Its secondary camera for taking pictures is made up of 8maga pixels to help you take highly defined photos.

3. Memory
The handset contains 16GB internal memory for you to store your pictures, documents and music easily. It also has an external memory of 32GB which creates enough space to help you download movies and other application to make your life easier.

4. Screen Display
The handset’s screen is used to show you a compass and help you know the direction and the exact place that you are in at a particular time or day. It is a special screen that is helpful in tracking your heart rate to help you keep a healthy heart always. It will send a notification to you when your heart rate is at the red zone to make sure that you sort assistance or medication as immediately as possible. It can be used as a thermometer to help you measure your temperature. The screen display is a significant feature that is dustproof to keep it clean and effective for its usefulness. It is also shockproof to help protect you from being attacked by currents in case of short circuit.

Screen Display

5. Operating System
Its operating system is 12 and it has the capability of being upgraded to 12.3.2. This will help in increasing its speed for an efficient network. It helps you download items faster and navigate through the internet without any difficulty.

6. Wireless Charging System
This Smartphone is expected to use wireless charging system. The wireless charging system is sold differently from the phone. This will help you charge your phone at your own comfort as you should not be necessary within the socket.

7. Body
This is a handset that is expected to have a metallic glass body. It is a material that is durable to help you earn the money you spend on buying the phone as it will stay for longer period. The metallic base also helps in protecting your phone from being damaged as acts as a protective cover.

Pricing of iPhone 8

This is a handset that is expected to be sold at $1200 only. This amount is not inclusive of its shipping cost and wireless charging.

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This is the newest anticipated iPhone 8 that is made through the use of high technology. It is a handset that has unique and powerful features and specification that helps it deliver what is expected from it. It is a Smartphone that is made of glass to help protect it from damage and helps it be durable. It makes sure that you enjoy browsing through its high processor of 12 which can be further be upgraded to 12.3.2 and increase its speed. The handset helps you get clear and highly defined photos because its primary camera is 16 mega pixels and front camera of 8 mega pixels. It is a phone that is expected to be in the market by November or December 2017.