Placing Your Cigarettes In This Box Could Help You Quit Smoking

Placing Your Cigarettes In This Box Could Help You Quit Smoking

It is almost beginning of the year, meaning numerous individuals will try to enter into 2018 along with more healthy variations of their own 2017 selves. In case, you are one among the almost seven in ten US smokers just who wish to stop, possibly it is the right time to chew the bullet.

For creating the work slightly simpler, the new device has lately released on the Kickstarter. The FitSmoke happens to be a good cigarette box which would help you to decrease and stop smoking.

How it functions is easy. Set your own profile within the associated Smartphone app, just type in the number of the cigarettes used to smoke each day, schedule the length of time in that you wish to stop and allow FitSmoke care for the rest.

Generally, the intelligent pack that could be full of twenty cigarettes would after that dish out scheduled numbers of the cigarettes along with the push notifications in the assigned hour. Here, after that, you might decide to just smoke a cigarette or even hold off for the later time.

The associated Smartphone app allows you keep an eye on the smoking routines as well as see lots of money you happen to be saving from quitting the harmful habit. This additionally links you to some social community just for assistance and also boasting rights.

It is certainly the new idea and a fascinating way of utilizing technology to assist you to lead a more healthy life. Together with only above €1500 raised, this strategy nevertheless has got far to proceed to achieve the €35000 goal.

Fantastic Outcomes

Nearly all of the systems designed to assist smoker individuals quit smoking, recommend stop smoking instantly. Still, quit smoking slowly may have essential advantages, such as decreasing addiction to the ingredients provided by cigarettes.

Personalize It And Be Motivated!
Here you are able to program Fitsmoke in accordance with your requirements. Fixed your own goal and choose the time-lapse would be to achieve it. The particular phone application would determine all of the steps to assist you to achieve your aim.

Smoking Personal Coach

Smoking Coach

Hello! I am your private trainer, and since now would begin our route jointly to get to the more healthy life. Set your goals in addition to I would assist you coaching to get to them within the time-lapse much better for you only!

Constancy will not be an issue any longer; you have just to assure me that the Fitsmoke would be your specific cigarette’s box.

However, smoking electronic cigarettes, patches, gums, these are almost all a few options for your own smoking addiction. Also, I will not recommend an alternative solution; you will get the cigarettes however we will choose jointly the number and also the time whenever you would smoke cigarettes.

Why Fitsmoke?

Easy To Customize

Control your desire of smoking in a practical method; decrease smoking slowly!


The previous cigarette would be just yours. Just hold the cigarettes from the reach of the children.


Simply how much money do you invest in cigarettes? Monitor it by using the Fitsmoke!

Lower Energy Consumption

The Fitsmoke will not depart you alone quickly. The battery seems to have a longer life.


Just share your outcomes along with your buddies, you will be the best example for plenty of individuals.


Here your wellbeing happens to be the main goal; the Fitsmoke is the most appropriate object to safeguard this.

From The Concept To The Acknowledgment

Fitsmoke The Smart Cigarette Pack

The idea originated from Andrea, profession a truck driver and fully committed inventor. Throughout his lengthy excursions, Andrea used to smoke one cigarette soon after another, particularly for driving away time and also to pace happens to be the daily routine.

Generally, this individual wished to decrease smoking; however, he could not keep in mind exactly how much cigarettes have used to smoke so he began to record it in papers his objectives and also to conceal the packet for keeping the cigarettes away from his reach.

Then all of a sudden the intuition: an intelligent packet for keeping monitor of the cigarettes smoked as well as to stop smoking. Also, he created the group composed by the web developer as well as logistics expert; the legitimate and marketing manager; the product developer along with the communications responsible

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In case you are just feeling the stress or itch is pressing you to grab that cigarette, then push emergency button as well as select in between playing any funny game for getting your mind away from the yearning, or even cave in plus obtain a cigarette. Here the goal of the gadget is to gradually weed you away from smoking, basically an individual instructor to assist you to handle the smoking compulsion.

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