CrossHelmet- A Futuristic Helmet Project By Kickstarter To Lookout For

CrossHelmet- A Futuristic Helmet Project By Kickstarter To Lookout For

Someone ought to contact patent offices in Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries simply because the CrossHelmet might give both businesses a good run particularly for their cash.

This intelligent motorcycle helmet offers a technical overhaul for conventional motorcycle headgear, such as things like a security light, music operations, group talk, and much more.

The entire face helmet is light in weight and spacious without having to be too loose, which means that the riders can inhale easier whenever putting it on. However, much less cramped wearability is the only tip of the iceberg.

This CrossHelmet offers the rearview camera which significantly grows rider’s area of eyesight. This view pops up on a unique clear HUD on the visor of the helmet. The HUD additionally shows GPS info and exactly what the weather is going to be like for the ride you make.


This helmet also can connect to the devices through Bluetooth, therefore you could make phone calls, ask the Siri for information, or simply listen to songs through this helmet.

The CrossSound control of this helmet on companion application additionally enables you to manage the degree of the background sound to tailor your motorcycle expertise. Almost all Bluetooth features are controlled through the touch panel of this helmet; therefore you never need to pull the devices out during your ride.

This CrossHelmet arrives with almost all the whistles and bells you can get out of the smart helmet. We need to undergo a few of the best features and provide you and concept of exactly what you can get using this awesome riding device.

Features Of This Smart Helmet:


1. Heads-Up Screen:

A few displays collapse from the top, providing you a good look at almost all the info you may require. It consists of weather information, routing, stats and much more.

2. The Rearview Camera:

You will see a camera installed in back of helmet which provides you a very clear see of what is going on at the rear of you. No requirement to flip your entire head (I nevertheless might, simply in case); just look up for taking a look.

3. Bluetooth Connection:

Enjoy your songs, make phone calls, take benefit of Group Talk, make use of digital assistant and control the sound canceling options (CrossSound Control) for optimizing your riding adventure.

4. Touch Controls:

Not to mention, you do not have to depend on the voice to control this helmet. There is the “touch panel” on right side that appears to be delicate sufficient to be controlled with the gloves on.

Although this particular helmet is rich in technology, creators did not skimp on security out. The full-face style is created along with the aerodynamics and security in thoughts.

They have functioned to create this helmet compliant along with the requirements from each and every nation they deliver to. These consist of JIS, ECE 22.05 and DOT.

Also, the power supply is considered to be risk-free absolutely, not vulnerable to explosions, fire, smoke, or leaks.


This is certainly an advantage that this helmet appears completely amazing. This appears like this arrived out of a few futuristic space film. And there are two accessible colors – silver and black.

Curious? Therefore am I, most of all of us will not be in a position to pay for this. Retail is approximated at approximately 1799$; however, you can also sign up to get one simply by backing Kickstarter promotion with the small sum of 1399$.

Still expensive as hell; however if everything works out then, it will certainly be a worthwhile purchase.

That cost is absolute to increase a few eyebrows, along with client concerns. Not just because this is a very costly item, however since it brings memories of Skully AR-1 back, a headgear which guaranteed excellent features and obtained numerous clients on board for approximately 1500$.

This company still left a sour taste in mouths right after going bankrupt and leaving the riders left behind in the center of the road.

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Also, we cannot say the exact same will occur with the CrossHelmet, however, they reach their target and I will certainly and individually awaiting the release prior to I give them some of hard-earned money.

You can consistently check Kickstarter page out and then make your decision, although. Are you interested?